We are embracing all that is wild and free with the nature necklace trend this year. This year’s pendants are inspired by Mother Nature. Think of flowers, the sun and moon, trees and animals. Combine natural elements with other current jewelry trends like modern pearls, chunky chains and 80s colors for the most eye-catching style.

Not sure what a nature necklace looks like? The good news is that this style is super easy to personalize into your own aesthetic. A nature necklace can be any material, length and design as long as it has an element that is nature-inspired.

Bring out your inner Earth Goddess with this year’s favorite nature necklace designs and learn how to buy fashion necklaces.

Intergalactic Pendants

Spring is when we start crawling out of our winter hideouts and spend more time outside. What feels better than a spring picnic followed by stargazing? Well, this season we are all shining bright with celestial themed pendants. Stars, moons and bursting suns shimmer on our chest this year.

lucky charm necklace

Stars are made to shine so choose the materials wisely. Gold and silver shine brightest for these sky-inspired pendants. You can also amp up the volume by adding clear stones. This look is all about creating an ethereal feel, almost as if you are about to float into another galaxy.

Collecting Sea Shells on a Nature Necklace

Sea shells are the newest surprise on our jewelry trend watch. They are the best match for the nature necklace trend that is controlling all of 2019. Sea shells have popped up a few times last year in very summery and carefree designs. This year, the sea shell nature necklace is far from casual. New designs look a lot more high-end and luxury.

Jewelry designers are transforming sea shells with gold plating and adding gemstones. Though ‘the bigger, the better’ is still a recurring theme in 2019 jewelry, the shell is what steals the show on a nature necklace. The sea shells are huge, asymmetrical and colorfully painted against a backdrop of a more simple chain.

Also, don’t scare away from making a statement by layering the shell pendant necklace. Mixing different materials is very 2019 so try contrasting the shell’s texture. Shells dangle nicely next to coin pendants, also still high up on the jewelry trend list.

Forever in Love with Flowers

Flowers are never missing from the seasonal jewelry trends and this year is no different. There is an explosion of flowers on the runway. In fact, that is exactly what the patterns look like, as if a flower bomb has gone off. In other words, flowers are making a loud statement in jewelry.

NYC jewelry

For your nature-inspired necklace, choose the boldest flower pendant that you can find. Think multicolored enamel with an intricate design or color blocked petals. Bonus points for color blocking in 80s colors – violet, turquoise and hot pink. Combine the flower pendant with a large chain necklace to give it extra street chic vibes. Consider this your rose in the concrete jungle look.

Queen of the Animal Kingdom

Animal pendants are climbing up the jewelry trend list. Last year, the runways were sparkling with gemstones on animal motifs like felines, birds, elephants and snakes. This year, even more animal-themed jewelry is marching by on the streets but the animals are different. Expect more unusual species like insects, crabs and our favorite pets – cats and dogs.

Show that you are the queen of the animal kingdom with a pendant of your favorite animal. Let the animal pendant cover another jewelry trend for this season, as well. For example, a panda bear made of white and black pearls or a butterfly in a rainbow of gemstones.

Worried that this trend reads as too young? It does not have to be. It is all about the styling. Either balance a jewel crusted animal pendant with a monochromatic outfit or tone down the pendant. Tone down the pendant by choosing a solid metal design or wearing a layered necklace.

Find Your Roots with Tree-Inspired Necklaces

Tree-inspired jewelry incorporates anything that looks like leaves or branches to actual figurines of trees. There are two kinds of tree-inspired nature necklaces. The first one is the literal adaptation. In this case, think of the tree of life, a cascade of leaves or the summer staple palm tree. Again, expect big gemstone covered pendants.

We especially love the more abstract route of a nature necklace inspired by trees. Imagine a gold chain with the texture of bark or a cuff necklace with a leaf on both ends. Chunky necklaces are still right on trend this season so try to find the bigger badass version of the tree inspired necklace.

Nature necklaces are not only hot, but beautiful and feminine. Choose an element that inspires you or one that speaks about your personality and it becomes very easy to customize your jewelry. This is a bonus on nature necklaces – the fact that you can choose a design that tells a personal story about yourself. After all, jewelry is one of the best ways we get to express ourselves.

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