You’ve always wanted a pearl necklace but you were unsure of what to get? Don’t worry, we got your back. If you are looking to learn how to buy necklaces, you have come to the right place. There are many pearl types, but, after you finish reading this article, you will know exactly which pearl necklace fits your personal style. Get yourself a coffee and start reading to unravel the mystery of pearls.

Your Pearl Necklace according to Pearl Types

If you are looking for a pearl necklace, then you probably already know there are several pearl types. But before we get into that, we need to get a myth out of the way. Some people refer to wild pearls as natural pearls, meaning that cultured pearls are not natural. This is, of course, false.

A pearl forms inside a mussel when an irritant, usually a piece of shell enters it. With wild pearls, the irritant gets inside by accident and these pearls are also found by accident by fishermen. With cultured pearls, you have the same process with the difference that the people eliminate the “accident” part. They simply insert the irritant inside the oysters in oyster farms to prompt them to secrete the substance that creates the pearl. It is the exact same process and the result is as natural as it gets. The only difference between wild and cultured pearls is that, in the second case, the pearl is the result of a natural but controlled process.

As you can imagine, when you want to buy a pearl necklace, you will, most probably, find only cultured pearls. But which pearl necklace suits you? There are mainly four pearl types: freshwater pearls, which are the only sweetwater ones, and Akoya, Tahitian & South Sea, which are all saltwater varieties. Read more to find out which one of these pearls makes the best pearl necklace for you.

The Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Freshwater pearls come in every shape and color. Yes, they are not only white, but also beautiful pastel shades like rose, beige, blue, and so on. They have a soft beautiful luster and their size can reach up to 12 mm. So, should you buy a freshwater pearl necklace? If you are a free spirit who loves to add a bit of a twist to a classic outfit, then this necklace is exactly what you are looking for.

pearl pendant

Usually, young women full of energy love to wear a pearl necklace made of freshwater pearls because it offers more possibilities. With amazing baroque shapes and lovely undertones, freshwater pearl necklaces are easy to style and unique.

The Akoya Pearl Necklace

With perfectly round shapes, a highly reflective luster, and a striking white color, Akoya pearls are classics. Those long pearl strands from the ‘20s or that glamorous princess-length pearl necklace from the ‘60s are poster pieces for Akoya pearls.

If you love timeless jewelry and appreciate the beauty of a classic elegant style, then an Akoya pearl strand is the right choice for you. Bear in mind, though, if you are looking for a statement look, that an Akoya necklace will, usually, feature small pearls. Akoya pearls rarely reach 10mm in size so you’d have to go for a long pearl strand or one with multiple strands to create a statement look.

The Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tahitian pearls are naturally black which makes them exotic and special. It is rare to find a perfectly round Tahitian pearl, but you will always find them in surprising baroque shapes. Of course, don’t expect them to be jet black. These striking gems come in an array of dark colors, ranging from dark green to brown and dark grey.

If you love to make a statement and wear bold jewelry, a Tahitian pearl strand may be exactly what you are looking for. Women who appreciate the beauty of black pearls usually have an elegant, but unconventional style. If you find yourself in this description, then a Tahitian pearl necklace may be what you need.

The South Sea Pearl Necklace

You have probably heard of the “Rolls Royce” of pearls, haven’t you? South Sea pearls are very large and come in an array of striking colors ranging from perfectly white to warm gold. A South Sea pearl strand is a favorite of bold women who love a statement look.

With their reflective luster, amazing color and impressive size, South Sea pearls make for great statement necklaces. If you love your chandelier earrings and velvet dresses, a South Sea pearl necklace is the jewelry piece that shouldn’t miss from your jewelry box.

freshwater pearls

Your Pearl Necklace according to Its Style

A pearl necklace can come in various styles, but what you choose depends only on your personal style. If you love subtle & delicate jewelry, then you will perhaps love a pearl pendant more than a pearl strand. This way you can easily accessorize it with your thin gold bangles and linear drop earrings.

If you are going for a glam look, then you should get a long pearl necklace and wear it with a deep-V neck dress and stiletto shoes. For a classy and elegant look choose a simple princess-length pearl necklace. And last, but not least, for those of you with a contemporary and unconventional style, try a pearl necklace with a front clasp or metal insertion.

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