A lucky charm necklace is a popular jewelry creation that many women wear. It is supposed to bring good luck to the wearer and help them accomplish their goals. You probably know some of the classic motifs like the four-leaf clover or the horseshoe. But what if we told you that a lucky charm necklace can feature more personal symbols? Yes, that’s right. Ana Luisa has created a lucky charm necklaces collection that will inspire you. Whether you want to get one for yourself or buy fashion necklaces for a beloved one, read further to discover our top lucky charm necklace ideas.

Layered Lucky Charm Necklace

Besides being fashionable and absolutely stunning, this layered necklace also features not one, but three lucky charms. There is the Virgin Mary pendant, which is said to offer protection to the wearer. There is also the big sun pendant which people believe to bring good luck and a positive attitude. And last, but not least, there is the middle onyx pendant. Some people say the onyx gemstone has healing powers and it enables the wearer to stay calm and reach a state of mindfulness.

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Now, whether you have already fallen in love with this layered necklace and want to get it for yourself or you want to buy it for somebody dear, don’t forget about its story. The pendants, each a lucky charm necklace in its own, create a wonderful story that transforms this jewelry piece into a personal one.

Layered Moonstone Lucky Charm Necklace

And since we are still on the layered necklaces aisle (a big trend in 2019, by the way), take a look at this gorgeous layered necklace by Ana Luisa. Featuring a sun pendant and a lucky charm necklace with a moonstone, this jewelry piece is both stunning and mysterious.

We talked about the sun as a symbol for lucky charm necklaces, so what about the moonstone? This delicate gemstone with its mysterious inner glow has always fascinated people. A moonstone pendant symbolizes love as this gem is often associated with the heart chakra. People also believe it to have balancing properties which help them achieve calm and surpass difficulties. Whether you believe in this or not, this fabulous layered necklace will become the centerpiece of your jewelry box.

Gold Horn Lucky Charm Necklace

This fabulous design by Ana Luisa features a chic ball link chain and a gold horn pendant. In many cultures, the gold horn symbolizes richness. Wearing a lucky charm necklace that features a gold horn could lead to success in your professional life, as many people believe.

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And even if you don’t believe in its power, it doesn’t matter. It is still a chic and absolutely adorable jewelry piece that you will fall in love with.

Napoleon Coin Lucky Charm Necklace

For hundreds of years, people have worn necklaces featuring coins to attract good luck. And speaking of that, isn’t it lucky that the coin pendant is one of the major jewelry trends of 2019? This lucky charm necklace by Ana Luisa features a dainty chain and a Napoleon coin pendant with a vintage vibe.

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Get it for yourself or as a present for somebody dear. Regardless of your choice,  you will enjoy this lovely necklace and who knows? You might even get lucky.

Flower Lucky Charm Necklace

If you take a closer look at this necklace, you will notice that it resembles both a flower and a sun. That leads us to the sunflower, the favorite of artists. The sunflower is a powerful lucky charm necklace because it symbolizes vitality, long life, and good fortune.

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This lovely Ana Luisa lucky charm necklace is delicate, subtle and beautifully handcrafted. Wear it every single day to lighten up your mood or offer it as a present to somebody dear.

Gold Cross Lucky Charm Necklace

Many Christian people wear the gold cross necklace as a form of protection. This has been the habit for hundreds of years and, thus, we may consider the gold cross as a lucky charm. After all, being protected from harm means being lucky.

Now, whether you believe in this or not, the gold cross necklace can also be a fabulous addition to your jewelry box. It’s fashionable, versatile and looks very chic when paired with a boat neckline T-shirt and a pair of gold hoop earrings.

Star Lucky Charm Necklace

Last, but not least, the star lucky charm necklace is both charming and interesting. People wearing star necklaces believe these lucky charms have the power to guide them through hard times and broaden their horizons.

This star coin necklace by Ana Luisa has a sleek design and it features a glossy cubic zirconia gemstone. As it has an elegant design, you can wear it to a formal event as well and let it draw attention to your style.

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