A citrine necklace is the perfect jewelry piece for the summer. Its warm yellow color perfectly mirrors the warmth of the summer sun and it looks amazing on tanned skin. But we bet there are some things that you don’t know about this gorgeous gem. Which is why you need to scroll down and discover some interesting things about the citrine necklace, as well as how to buy fashion necklaces with gemstones.

  1. Citrine is rare

Your citrine necklace may be a very rare jewelry piece. This is because citrine is rare in nature but, thankfully, it can also result from a pale amethyst receiving a heat treatment. As you know, pale violet amethysts are not as desirable as saturated ones. What the heat treatment does is transform an undesirable amethyst into a gorgeous yellow citrine.

If you plan on buying a citrine necklace, you should know that its color ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange. Naturally, the more saturated the color, the more valuable the gemstone.

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  1. Citrine, sometimes, becomes ametrine

If you haven’t heard of ametrine by now, that’s because it is a very rare gem. You can only find it in Bolivia and you’ll be looking for a while for it. Ametrine is a spectacular gem that features two colors – the one of the citrine and the one of the amethyst. When both colors occur at the same time in a gemstone, that gem is called ametrine.

However, chances are that you will rather find a citrine necklace than an ametrine one. This gem is, usually, for private collections or museums. Still, it would be nice to have it, wouldn’t it?

  1. A citrine necklace was a must-have in the Victorian era

Jewelry pieces with large gems in bezel settings were very popular in the Victorian era and the citrine was no exception. Its beautiful yellow tinge has always fascinated kings and queens. Today you can find gorgeous jewelry pieces from the Victorian era at museums and almost every collection features a citrine necklace.

Of course, citrine is popular nowadays as well. Kate Middleton loves citrine jewelry, especially in drop earrings and necklaces. Aside from the Duchess of Cambridge, other celebrities that have been spotted wearing citrine are Emma Watson and Kate Winslet.

If you are thinking of buying a citrine necklace, you can find both antique-inspired designs as well as contemporary jewelry pieces. Just choose the one that represents your personal style the best.

  1. A citrine necklace should not have eye-visible inclusions

Citrine is a gem with great clarity. And while in some gemstones eye-visible inclusions are fairly common, this is not the case with citrine. Your citrine necklace should look flawless and you should not be able to stop the inclusions with the naked eye. If you can see them, then the value of the jewelry piece should be much lower than in the case of a clear citrine necklace.

Another important factor that determines the value of a citrine necklace is its color. Some of the most popular shades are reddish-orange, vivid yellow or earth tones.

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If you are buying a citrine necklace you can rest assured that it won’t scratch easily. This beautiful gem receives 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means that it is pretty hard. However, you should still take care of it because it can still be damaged by harsh chemicals. Don’t clean your citrine necklace with detergent and don’t apply perfume while you are wearing it.

Another important aspect that you should remember to take your citrine necklace to a jewelry inspection at least once a year. This way, the jeweler will see if the setting is still intact and the gem secured. Otherwise, you could end up losing the gem and we bet you wouldn’t want that to happen.

  1. Citrine is the birthstone of November

If you get a citrine necklace for somebody born in November, they will be impressed. This is because this fiery gem is the birthstone of November. You would expect it to be connected to the summer months, wouldn’t you? But it is true that we still need sun in the winter and what better way to evoke it than by wearing a citrine necklace?

Of course, even if you aren’t born in November you should still have a citrine necklace in your jewelry collection. The truth is that this gem attracts attention and looks fabulous set both in gold or silver. It also works pretty well with other gems, especially onyx and aquamarine.

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