The garnet necklace is one of the hottest jewelry pieces of the moment and should definitely be in your jewelry box. And because we love garnets, with their vibrant crimson color and their sleek look, we have dedicated an entire article to the garnet necklace. Read on to find surprising facts about this stunning gemstone, as well as how to buy fashion necklaces and how to take care of your garnet pendant.

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4 facts you didn’t know about garnet

Before buying a garnet necklace, you need to know a couple of interesting facts about this gorgeous gemstone. So keep on reading to discover more about the beautiful garnet.

  1. Garnet is the oldest jewelry known to mankind.

Diamonds may be forever but guess what? So is garnet. The deep-red gemstone is so durable that historians and archaeologists have discovered garnet jewelry dating from the Bronze Age. Due to its durability, amazing color and luscious texture, the garnet was considered a symbol of life among the ancient Egyptians. Romans also loved garnets and, later, the Crusaders and warriors used to wear garnet jewelry in battle because they believed it would bring their victory.

  1. Garnets come in every possible color

If you are getting a garnet necklace don’t assume that the gem is necessarily red. In fact, you can find garnets in every possible color. What’s more, some garnet varieties are more precious than diamonds. Yes, you read that correctly. Blue garnet is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth. If you find yourself in possession of a blue garnet necklace, know that it is, probably, worth a fortune.

  1. Not only the jewelry industry uses garnets

Your pretty garnet necklace is not the only use for this spectacular gemstone. Because of its hardness, a number of industries use garnet for waterjet cutting.

  1. Sometimes, inclusions make garnets more valuable

As you know, inclusions in jewelry tend to lower the gem’s value. However, with garnets, some types of inclusions create stunning patterns that make the gemstones look spectacular.

A garnet necklace – the perfect present for somebody born in January

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but garnet is also the birthstone of January. This means that if you were born in January, owning a garnet necklace is a must. Also, if you know somebody born in January and have no idea what present to get them, you can always count on garnet jewelry to impress them.

A garnet necklace can easily become your signature piece if you are born in January. They say that wearing your gemstone brings luck. And, truth be told, you are lucky to be born in a month where this fascinating, crimson gem is your birthstone.

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Styling the garnet necklace with other jewelry

Even though garnet is a beautiful & elegant gemstone, garnet jewelry is also versatile. You can style it with any other gem but it especially looks good with pearls, moonstones, and diamonds. If you want to create a dramatic contrast, you can wear your garnet necklace with a chunky onyx ring, like the one in the picture below.

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To achieve a feminine and delicate look, accessorize your garnet necklace with a pair of pearl drop earrings and a delicate bracelet with a pearl charm.

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For a smart business look, try styling your garnet necklace with a pair of sleek diamond studs earrings.

The truth is that garnet is one of the most versatile gems. It looks great in various combinations, which leaves you a lot of room for imagination. Also, this gemstone looks as great set in silver as it does in gold. A crimson garnet in a gold setting offers a festive feel, while one set in silver creates a contemporary & interesting contrast.

How to take care of a garnet necklace

As we mentioned, garnets are durable and hard gemstones. They don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, you still have to clean them regularly and pay attention to some simple rules. An interesting fact about garnets is that, even though it is safe to clean them using the ultrasonic method, you can’t use the steaming method. This happens because some garnets present heat sensitivity and it is better to clean them manually.

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This being said, clean your garnet necklace with a soft jewelry brush soaked in warm water. Don’t use harsh chemicals and be gentle about it. Let your jewelry dry off before storing it inside the jewelry box or on a necklace tree. What is very important about gemstone jewelry, in general, is to take it to the jeweler’s for regular inspections. This way you can always make sure that the setting is secure and the gem safe. If the setting gets damaged and you don’t notice it, there is the risk of losing the gem.

Last, but not least, keep your garnet necklace away from perfumes, body lotions, detergents, and shampoo. Make sure to take it off before showing or swimming. Apply perfume and body lotion before putting on your garnet necklace and wait a couple of moments.

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