A crucifix necklace can carry a deep personal meaning. Where the cross symbol has become a common element in today’s fashion statements, the crucifix is less featured in jewelry styles. Many wearing a crucifix necklace do so for reasons closely related to its religious meanings. Are you looking for a meaningful jewelry piece to mark a special occasion? Are you looking to find out more about buying fashion necklaces? Read on to discover different styles and find the best fit for you.

Gold, Silver or Steel?

Metal is a strong choice of material for your crucifix necklace. Gold is associated with commitment, love and prosperity. Many cultures give gifts of gold during weddings and special markers in life. Choosing a gold crucifix necklace will carry the same meanings. The traditional gold crucifix necklace will suit a classic style.

Similar to gold, silver is a precious metal that can be a generous gift. Choosing silver over gold can be an aesthetic choice. You can also choose to buy a silver crucifix necklace from a place with a rich history in silver to make the piece feel more special. For example, the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta has a long history of skilled silver craftsmen.

Steel can symbolize strength and perseverance. A stainless steel crucifix could suit a wilful character. A lot of men’s jewelry will feature steel elements and this makes for a thoughtful gift for a father or son.

Non-Traditional Materials

If you would like your crucifix necklace to be made out of a material other than metal, there are still plenty of options. A wooden crucifix can be a thoughtful reference to biblical symbolism. A wooden crucifix can also refer to home life and heritage like a tree has its roots. If you are looking for natural jewelry, a wooden crucifix necklace is a good choice.

Another beautiful and unusual material for a crucifix necklace is glass. A glass crucifix would require careful craftsmanship making each piece unique. Glass pieces give you more choice in colors. A glass crucifix would work well with a rosary style necklace made out of glass beads. This would be make an eye-catching yet traditional crucifix necklace for someone with eclectic style.

Gemstone & Crystal Crucifix Necklace

Gemstones and crystals are beautiful elements that can change the style and meaning of a crucifix necklace.

Gemstones are wonderful additions that can strongly influence the style of the jewelry. The piece can look more classic with gemstones of deep colors like jade, rubies or amber. Other lighter colored gemstones like rose quartz, light blue beryl or citrine create a delicate feminine design. Diamonds are the obvious choice for a glamorous jewelry piece.

An alternative to gemstones are crystals. Though not part of Christian beliefs, some people consider crystals to have healing properties. A crucifix necklace with crystals can function as a personal talisman or symbol of hope and faith.

For Catholic and Christian families, a crucifix necklace is often considered a family heirloom. This is a jewelry piece that can be passed down the generations. If you would like to start your own family tradition, you can make the piece extra special by choosing a design that incorporates gemstones. Choose gemstones that have personal meaning. You can choose a person’s birthstone, for example.

Intricate Or Simple Design

The specific design of a crucifix necklace can be matched to a person’s aesthetic and lifestyle. A person with an active lifestyle might prefer to wear a collar necklace with a flat small crucifix. In contrast, a more traditional person could gravitate to a long chain necklace with a detailed crucifix design.

Those that consider the symbol part of their personal identity may choose to wear the necklace daily. It is then important that the design fits within their daily life.  A shorter necklace might be more comfortable for a busy person, for example. Others might choose a longer thinner necklace to wear under their shirt.

Think about your daily activities when choosing between an intricate or simple design. If you work with small kids or animals, for example, you might worry about a crucifix necklace with little stones that could come loose. On the other hand, if your workplace encourages you to be creative then an elaborate crucifix necklace design can be a fun way to express yourself.

Wearing a crucifix necklace can have personal meaning. Such special pieces can express a person’s identity which makes finding a design that speaks to you even more important. When choosing jewelry that you’ll wear daily, think carefully about its design and how comfortable it will be on a daily basis. Continue reading to discover more about design details in jewelry and which aesthetic works for you. Visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to discover our unique jewelry collections.

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