The choker necklace is one of the sexiest pieces of jewelry. It is great that the choker is back in fashion because we positively love it and we are sure that you do too. Stronger than ever, the choker necklace has much diversified and now you can find a lot of choker types on the market. So which ones should you get? What are the choker types that every woman should have in her jewelry box? It’s time to find out and there’s no other place better to get your information than Ana Luisa’s blog section. Our jewelry stylists have put together a choker necklace buying guide that should help you spruce up your jewelry box.

The classic tattoo choker

Whether you get it in black, tan or any other color, the tattoo choker necklace is bold and rebellious. It was a big hit in the 90s and it still looks gorgeous. This piece of jewelry is ideal when you want to wear something casual and still be the center of attention. It goes great with anything jeans and summer dresses.

The velvet choker

More elegant than a tattoo choker, the velvet choker necklace is very sexy. You can get a wide or a thin one, depending on your preferences. A velvet choker always looks great with a strapless black mini dress or an elegant blouse with a deep V neckline.

The thin leather strip choker

This type of choker necklace is modern and pretty. It comes in every possible color, but we recommend getting a natural-colored one, like black, tan or cream. It can be a single leather strip which features a bow or it can be a layered piece just like in the picture below. You can play a lot with a thin leather choker and even attach charms to it. This type of choker necklace should not miss from your jewelry box. We guarantee that you will love to wear it every day.

necklaces for woman

The lace choker

Lace is very feminine and when it becomes a choker, it offers the wearer a unique style. A lace choker necklace is bound to attract attention. For this accessory we recommend you to get a contrasting look. This means that you shouldn’t pair your lace choker with a delicate silk dress, but rather with leather pants and chunky boots. This way you create a nice contrast between your jewelry and your clothes. A more premium alternative to a lace choker is the crochet choker, but this one is more difficult to match with your outfit.

The stud leather choker

This choker necklace is a classic item for the punk-rock style. Even if this is not your everyday style, you should still have this type of choker in your jewelry box. It offers the wearer a rebellious and mischievous look and it goes great with simple T-shirts and cuff jeans.

The gold choker

Moving up on the price (and elegance) scale, we have reached the gold choker. Many women today prefer this type of choker necklace because it provides a contemporary premium look. A gold choker is great to wear on a formal occasion or even to a night out. Rose-gold chokers seem to be in high demand at the moment, buy yellow and white gold are also fashionable. You can get a solid gold or a gold plated item and it will look gorgeous.

choker necklace

 The pearl choker

This one is definitely not a new invention, but it looks gorgeous nevertheless. Due to their unique luster, pearls offer a particular elegance. A pearl choker necklace is not only exquisite but also vibrant and fashionable. The best way to wear a pearl choker is with a simple but elegant strapless gown and stud pearl earrings.

The multi-gemstone choker

One of the celebrities’ favorite jewelry pieces, the gemstone choker is closely related to the royal traditional Indian chokers. This type of choker necklace is opulent, features precious and semi-precious stones and is usually gold. Wearing this choker with a silk single-colored gown is a classy and stylish idea.

The diamond choker

A diamond choker necklace is definitely one of the most elegant jewelry pieces you can have. It is great to wear to a formal occasion and it will attract all the looks. If you want a more affordable piece, a crystal choker is also fashionable, elegant and sleek.

choker necklace

Fabric, leather, metal or gemstones, the choker necklace is here to stay. If you don’t have at least one choker, now you know exactly what to buy next time you go jewelry shopping. And speaking of jewelry shopping, did you see our latest collections? Visit our Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and discover designer necklaces collections at fair prices. At Ana Luisa, you will always find premium, high-quality and unique pieces that will complement your style.

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