A semi precious stone necklace can be elegant or casual, delicate or chunky. There are countless designs out there according to your personal style. But, regardless of the design you choose, one thing is certain. You need to have at least one semi precious stone necklace in your jewelry box to match with your fabulous outfits and personal charm. And because there are many colorful and chic semi precious stones, we have decided to create a top of the best gemstones for a semi precious stone necklace. Read further to discover our top gemstones, as well as cool necklace styles that will bring a fresh vibe to your outfits.

Semi precious stone necklace types

A choker or a beaded necklace, dainty and delicate or chunky and bold – the world of fashion jewelry is full of options. And the best part is that you can have it all. You can wear a long beaded semi precious stone necklace with a deep-V strapless dress, you can try a dainty necklace with a chiffon shirt or you can go to a cool party wearing your gemstone choker along with a tank top and tailored trousers. Your jewelry box doesn’t need to follow one style only. You can diversify it and collect unique pieces that you can wear according to the occasion. So, without further ado, here are the main semi precious stone necklace types:

  • A semi precious stone choker can either feature a charm-like gemstone or it can be entirely made of stones.
  • A chain necklace with a semi precious stone pendant is a delicate piece which you can wear every single day.
  • The beaded semi precious stone necklace is a classic jewelry piece. It can have different lengths from princess to rope length.
  • A statement necklace is a chunky piece of jewelry that you can wear mostly on formal occasions or going-out nights.
  • A layered necklace contains two or even more necklaces bound together. Usually, with a semi precious stone layered necklace, you get a gemstone pendant or strand.

Semi precious stone necklaces will never go out of fashion. This is why we recommend having at least two or three pieces to wear with different outfits and match with your other jewelry. And speaking of fresh and creative looks, let’s see the top semi precious stones for necklaces.

Top favorite semi precious stone necklaces

If you want to buy a semi precious stone necklace, then you must read the top we have created for you. No doubt, all semi precious stones are beautiful. But, as you will see, some are simply must-have pieces for any woman with a great fashion sense.

No. 5 – The opal necklace

Mysterious and elegant, opals are some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. With ever-changing colors and a unique luster, opals make great semi precious stone necklaces. However, you need to be careful when wearing an opal necklace because this gemstone is fragile. It has a hardness between 5.5 and 6.5 and it doesn’t withstand mechanical cleaning methods. When you buy an opal necklace, you need to look carefully at the gemstone. It’s play of color, saturation and transparency determine the opal’s value.

No. 4 – The turquoise necklace

Another gemstone with a unique color is the turquoise. Whether you get a statement semi precious stone necklace or a dainty chain with a pendant, you need to have a turquoise in your jewelry box. Vibrant and fashionable, the turquoise necklace has become a favorite among celebrities. Just like opals, though, turquoise gemstones can be fragile with a hardness between 5 and 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. When you buy a turquoise necklace, you need to consider the stone’s luster, its color and whether it has veins or not. The most expensive turquoise doesn’t have any veins and it is a sky-blue color.

No. 3 – The amethyst necklace

The kings’ and queens’ favorite, amethyst gemstones are very elegant and creative. A choker necklace with an amethyst pendant can look very fashionable and it is also easy to match. As opposed to opals and turquoises, amethyst gemstones are more durable. When it comes to its value, buying a rich purple with rose undertones amethyst will always be more expensive than the paler variety. In a jewelry shop, you will also notice the so-called green amethysts, but you should know their color is not natural. It is obtained through heat treatment. If you want to get an amethyst semi precious stone necklace it is better to get a purple one.

No. 2 – The jade necklace

The imperial gem in the Chinese culture, jade is a surprising and beautiful gemstone. Its color ranges from green and black to white, lavender, gray and yellow. However, the vivid green variety is the most desired jade. Even though jade is a hard gemstone, it often goes through a chemical treatment that removes the brown pigments. This is why it becomes porous and we don’t recommend to try mechanical cleaning methods on your jade necklace.

No. 1 – The cubic zirconia necklace

Even though many people confuse cubic zirconia with zircon, you should know that these two gemstones are completely different. Zircon is usually a blue gemstone found in nature, while cubic zirconia is a lab-created gemstone that resembles the diamond. So why do we consider this to be the best gemstone for a necklace? Well, that’s easy. Cubic zirconia is durable, fair priced and has a unique brilliance. You can upgrade any outfit with a cubic zirconia fine necklace and it looks extremely chic with a little black dress. For example, Ana Luisa’s Nicole layered necklace featuring a teardrop cubic zirconia gemstone is a classy and charming piece of jewelry that you can wear on any occasion.

layered necklace

Of course, there are other stunning gemstones as well and you can find a semi precious stone necklace that combines different stones. However, if you have in your jewelry box our top picks, you can rest assured that, no matter the occasion, you will always be able to match your necklace to your outfit and other jewelry. For more jewelry advice and information, read out other articles as well. To check out Ana Luisa’s fine jewelry collections, visit our online jewelry boutique.

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