Which beaded necklace works best for your style? No, we are not talking about the string of colorful beads that you wore as a kid. We are talking about beads made of pearls and gemstones. The adult version of what you used to wear.

Beaded necklaces are the textured alternative for a gold chain necklace. It is still classy and simple but brings out more of your personality. After all, we can write a whole book on the meanings of gemstone jewelry. Though, we would not be the first. Instead, we have a quick guide on beaded necklaces for you. Read on to discover your new signature jewelry piece and learn how to buy fashion necklaces.

Beaded Pearl Necklace

A string of pearls is a classic jewelry piece. It is one of those pieces that you see the most iconic women wear in old movies. Yet, you can still rock them today if styled right. A pearl necklace makes a statement without being loud. ‘Yes, I am glam but I have the grace not to rub it in your face.’ That is what wearing a pearl beaded necklace says.

We like wearing a beaded pearl necklace with soft neutral colors like cream and pastels. This gives your overall look a very feminine and polished vibe. Don’t lean too far into the ladylike looks, though. Keep the necklace looking modern by adding a few sexy elements to your outfit. For example, a dangerously low back or a satin camisole top with a beaded necklaces looks fantastic.

Pair darker pearls with darker clothing and bright clothing. Black baroque pearls and a black dress is wonderfully moody. Or soften a bright red pants look with gray pearls.

The lighter pearls, pink pearls and goldish pearls, are versatile. Pair them with light colors and they look sweet. Pair a beaded necklace with bold colors like orange or yellow and you have yourself an unexpected contrast in the look.

Multicolored Gemstone Beads

We predict that the trend of wearing several jewelry pieces with different gemstones is evolving into a new trend. That trend is several types of gemstones in one jewelry piece. Designers are loving bold colors so this only seems the natural next step.

Stay ahead of the trends with a beaded necklace of many gemstones colors. Think of beads in every possible agate color or a striking mix of moonstone and onyx beads. Just like any gemstone ring combo works, so does a multicolored gemstone beaded necklace.

Do all the different colors around your neck scare you a little? Don’t worry, you can wear a more toned down version, too. For example, a long gold chain necklace with gemstone beads every few inches instead of a string of gemstone beads.

Make the color schemes and amount of beads work for your personal style. We are excited to see what you come up with.

Single Gemstone Beaded Necklace

For a more subtle look, wear a beaded necklace made of one kind of gemstone. Celebrate the color by wearing a monochrome beaded necklace. Prefer subtler styles? Then choose a beaded design where you still clearly see the gold or silver chain.

Choose a gemstone that has meaning to you. Birthstones are a popular choice but many women also choose gemstones for their spiritual meaning. For example, lapis lazuli signifies inner peace and prevents negative thinking. The turquoise beaded necklace is popular because people believe it is a protective stone.

The gemstone in your necklace is the focal point of your jewelry so only wear it with gold or silver jewelry pieces. This lets the beaded necklace be the pop of color and your other jewelry pieces the support.

As for clothing, we recommend creating contrast. For example, a yellowish stone like citrine looks pretty with navy. The brown and gold sparkle of a sun stone shines even brighter against a white top.

Gold Ball Chain Necklace

Okay, we hear you thinking. Is a ball chain necklace the same as a beaded necklace? Well, we say it looks similar enough to beads. We are here for every piece of gold jewelry, regardless of what you name it. A gold ball chain necklace has the spirit of a beaded necklace so it deserves a spot on our list.

vermeil jewelry

Plus, we just care about your confidence. Maybe traditional beads are not your thing and you don’t feel comfortable wearing. We are presenting you with a fine jewelry alternative; the gold ball chain necklace.

Choose a chunky ball chain necklace so that the gold baubles look more like actual beads. We love the look of a layered ball chain necklace. It reminds of Cleopatra and we are sure that she had lots of beads in her jewelry pieces. Channel her mysterious and powerful woman vibe with the modern version of beaded layered necklace.

For a more subtle version, you can always choose a delicate ball chain necklace. This also counts as a beaded necklace, but one that is more versatile and you can wear it event with your print tee & ripped jeans.

If you enjoyed discovering the perfect beaded necklace for you, check out the rest of our articles as well. You will find plenty of useful information that will help you become a jewelry expert and have a great style every single day. To see any of the creations featured in this article, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our unique necklaces for women.

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