Simple, classy and creative, the pendant necklace is this fall’s hottest trend. From letters to gemstones or thematic pendants, there are a lot of options to choose from. Of course, the necklace chain is also very important when choosing a pendant for your necklace. And since we want you to be one step ahead of jewelry fashion when buying fashion necklaces, here is everything you need to know when getting a a pendant necklace. As a bonus, discover the top pendant styles any woman must have in her jewelry box.

Pendant necklace material

There is this unspoken rule of pendant necklace that a pendant looks best with a chain of the same material. Notice this rule and then forget about it. Combining metals and materials has never been so trendy, as long as you use your personal charm. As the world of jewelry fashion has become more and more open, your possibilities have increased exponentially. However, some rules still apply. If you want to combine your pendants with different chains, try to match precious metals with precious metals only.

This means that a gold pendant could look wonderful with a silver, gold or platinum chain, but not-so-great with a stainless steel chain. Besides this, you are free to try any combinations you like.

The gold pendant

Appropriate for any occasion, the gold pendant necklace is feminine and versatile. It can be a simple one or feature a tiny gemstone and it will go great with any outfit. When it comes to buying gold, you can choose yellow, white or even rose gold.

The silver pendant

A silver pendant necklace is romantic and delicate. The only thing you need to remember when buying silver is that this metal can tarnish. Don’t try to protect your silver by wearing it less often because, in fact, it will get tarnished quicker. Wear your pendant necklace every day to increase its resistance to tarnish. If it does get tarnished, don’t worry. You can easily restore its original look at home or at the jewelry shop.

The platinum pendant

While gold and silver necklaces are great to wear every day, platinum pendant necklaces are more suited for formal occasions. Wear your necklace with a deep-V slip dress and a pair of gemstone earrings to look dashing and classy.

Different gemstone pendant shapes

As you well know, a pendant necklace comes in many shapes and sizes. It is impossible to talk about all of them because the world of fashion jewelry is ever-changing and ever-creative. But when you buy a pendant necklace, you should be aware of the main pendant styles.

Solitaire pendant

A solitaire pendant necklace features a single gemstone that can be oval, round or free-shape. It is a feminine and versatile design which you can wear whenever you want to add a touch of elegance to your style.

Three-stone pendant

This type of pendant necklace usually has three gemstones that form a triangle or a vertical line. These necklaces are less subtle than solitaire ones, but they are very elegant and creative.

Heart-stone pendant

As the name suggests it, this type of pendant necklace features a gemstone shaped like a heart surrounded by smaller stones. Sophisticated and gorgeous, the hear-stone pendant is ideal for special occasions.

Cross-stone pendant

With a single round gemstone in a prong setting, this type of pendant looks great with deep-V necklines or strapless gowns.

Top pendant necklace styles

And since Ana Luisa always offers the best jewelry fashion inspiration, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pendant necklace styles. We promise that by the time you finish reading this, you will be in love.

The clear solitaire pendant

A delicate and elegant clear gemstone hanging from a fine chain can transform your outfit completely. We love this type of pendant because of its elegance, versatility, and charm. Just take a look at Ana Luisa’s Edona pendant necklace and imagine wearing it every single day. Fabulous is your middle name.

pendant necklace

The pearl pendant

A feminine, delicate and shiny pearl pendant necklace is simply a piece of jewelry every woman must have. It goes great with pearl earrings and, as opposed to pearl strands, it also works with casual outfits. For best results, choose a yellow or rose gold chain for your pendant.

The statement pendant

Last, but not least, a pendant necklace style that we absolutely adore is the statement pendant. As opposed to other statement jewelry, in this case, the pendant doesn’t have to be chunky or big. It just has to feature multiple gemstones and offer your look a particular brilliance. Just like Ana Luisa’s Amanda pendant necklace below.

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