Anniversary jewelry often represents a dilemma for most people because they have no idea what to get. Should you get a rose gold ring for your wife or girlfriend? An amethyst ring? Or, perhaps a pair of diamond stud earrings? There are a lot of options and it’s very hard to choose the right one. And while jewelry as an anniversary gift is a great idea, there has to be a story behind it. Luckily for you, we are jewelry experts and we have compiled a bulletproof anniversary jewelry buying guide to help you get the best present for your beloved one. And, ladies, if you are reading this, just forward this article to your husbands and boyfriends when you are done. We guarantee that it will help you get the most amazing anniversary jewelry.

Anniversary jewelry types

Usually, for anniversary gifts, people buy rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Each and every one of these jewelry types has a meaning, even though many people are unaware of it.

A ring symbolizes eternal love, as you may know. The wedding band tradition is a very old one and it has begun with the symbolistic of the ring. If your wife or girlfriend is a true romantic and tends to adopt a classic style, then an anniversary ring might be the perfect gift for her. Read further to find out more about your gemstone options.

A bracelet is about spirituality and enhancement. The Ancient Egyptians used to wear bracelets when performing rituals and in some parts of India, the number of bangles a woman is wearing determines her marital status. If your beloved one is intellectually curious, loves to read and explore other cultures, then she will appreciate a beautiful anniversary bracelet.

A necklace is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry people started to wear. It goes back to the Prehistoric humans who used to wear necklaces made of shells, bones, and feathers. In the Ancient period, necklaces symbolized wealth and social stature. If your girlfriend or wife loves luxury an elegance, she will definitely adore a precious necklace.

A pair of earrings is an ideal anniversary gift for an artistic woman with a great fashion sense. If your beloved one knows about everything that happens in the fashion world and loves to spend her free time doing artistic activities, she will be grateful for a beautiful pair of anniversary earrings.

Anniversary gemstones

For your 1st year spent together, it is always a good idea to get her gold or gold-plated jewelry with pearls. The meaning of gold is wealth, while pearls mean wisdom and purity.

If this is your second, third or fourth anniversary, you can choose from a beautiful variety of stones. Jade, for instance, is about energy and wellbeing, while rose quartz is about peace and love. You can also get her jewelry with amethyst. This semi-precious gemstone used to be the favorite of kings and queens. It symbolized tolerance and forgiveness which we all know are very important in a marriage.

Your 5th anniversary is an important milestone and it should be treated accordingly. The best gemstone is sapphire, whether you choose a deep blue one or a pink one. The sapphire symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity. Because of its spectacular look and rich symbol, the sapphire is a very popular gemstone for anniversaries.

Your 10th anniversary represents the tin one, but this doesn’t mean that you should get her tin jewelry. The moonstone is a great gemstone for the 10th anniversary because of the legends surrounding it. It is said that if you give your beloved one a moonstone during a full moon, you two will share eternal passion. After ten years of being together, reignite that passion with an elegant moonstone anniversary ring.

Time flies when you are having a good time and, if you are celebrating your 25th anniversary (or silver anniversary) then it’s mandatory to offer your beloved one silver jewelry. You can choose a pair of silver diamond stud earrings or a silver bracelet with pearls.

Your 50th anniversary is an important milestone. It is needless to say that you should get your beloved one gold jewelry. You can buy ruby jewelry as this gemstone symbolizes life force and courage.

Anniversary jewelry tips

Make sure to sneak a peak in your wife’s jewelry box and pay attention to her style. What she likes to wear is as important as the symbols. If you are getting her a ring, take one from her jewelry box to make sure you get the right size. Also, don’t forget about the flowers and a nice dinner. Happy anniversary!

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