Celebrity necklaces are always creative and spectacular. From Miranda Kerr to Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker, celebrities have a way of wearing jewelry that inspires us. If you are looking for inspiration and to spruce up your jewelry box, say no more. We have dug and researched and have put together a list of the best celebrity necklaces fashionable at the moment. Plus, as a bonus, you get styling ideas from Ana Luisa’s jewelry stylists. So take a coffee break and discover the most inspirational celebrity necklaces.

The Gold Choker

As Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale and Kim Kardashian have shown us, the gold choker is trending. But nobody wears celebrity necklaces better than Miranda Kerr. With a simple white top, skinny black jeans and a pair of gorgeous sunglasses, Miranda’s gold choker looks amazing. This piece of jewelry is versatile and can look great with a casual outfit like Miranda is wearing or even a formal one. If you want to wear it with an elegant gown, we recommend choosing a strapless simple dress in a creamy hue. When wearing this type of choker you don’t have to wear earrings. But, if you do want to wear them, pick a pair of simple gold studs.

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The Diamond Choker

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing a double strand diamond choker and it looks gorgeous with her hairstyle and diamond earrings. A diamond or crystal choker is an elegant choice for a formal occasion. To showcase it the best, try it with a medium-short hairstyle or a relaxed updo. You can wear celebrity necklaces with thin drop earrings like Rosie is wearing or you can go for simple diamond studs. With this type of choker everything related to diamonds is a great choice.

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The Velvet Choker

A velvet choker is a classic and sexy jewelry piece. It is a favorite among celebrity necklaces. You can choose a simple black velvet choker or one with gemstones like Poppy Delevigne here. She chose to stack her chokers and wear a metallic gold one with her gemstone velvet choker and she looks stunning. With a black velvet choker, you can try all sorts of combinations, depending on the occasion. This type of choker is the most versatile one and it lets you use your imagination as you see fit.

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Best celebrity necklaces

The Tassel Necklace

Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a cute tassel necklace along with a delicate one and a beaded necklace. This is a great way to accessorize a tassel because you get a feminine, flowy look. A tassel necklace always looks good with a strapless dress or a deep V neckline.

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The Layered Necklace

Layered necklaces are a big fashion trend at the moment with lots of celebrity necklaces being layered. But nobody wears them better than Jennifer Aniston. She likes to combine three pieces of different lengths and styles. Our favorite is the double strand chain necklace with this beautiful charm necklace and this delicate choker. To find out more about how to style layered necklaces, read this article.

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The Turquoise Necklace

Heidi Klum looks stunning with this statement turquoise necklace. More and more celebrities are choosing turquoise celebrity necklaces for formalwear and why shouldn’t they? This gemstone has a unique color and it looks great in the summer. If you choose a statement piece like Heidi, pair it with a simple elegant gown. You can also wear an everyday subtle turquoise necklace with a simple shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

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The Lariat

Once again, Jennifer Aniston has captured our hearts. When it comes to celebrity necklaces her style is flawless as you can see in this picture. A fine lariat with a deep V neckline is a great choice for a night out or a party. She has chosen a beaded piece that looks as if it was painted on her skin. The gold lariat is also a great option to wear with a deep V gown.

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The Chunky Chain Necklace

Rebel Miley Cyrus is sporting a chunky gold chain necklace and a short haircut that looks great on her. This jewelry piece is great to wear with a tank top or other casual top and a pair of jeans. For earrings, we recommend cartilage hoops like Miley is wearing. You could even try a medium-sized cross hoop, but make sure you don’t have an earring in your other ear.

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It is always a good idea to check out celebrity necklaces for inspiration. If you want more fashion advice and ideas, make sure to read our other articles as well. Check out our unique necklace collections to discover beautiful designer pieces at fair prices.

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