Gold earrings are part of those classic jewelry pieces every woman owns. There are many styles of gold earrings and, depending on your personality, you may have different types in your jewelry box. However, regardless of the type, gold earrings can get scratched. It is true that they are not as exposed as rings, for example, but, nevertheless, gold is a soft metal. 22k and 20k gold are the most fragile types because these alloys contain the most gold. 10k gold is the most resistant because the other metals in the alloy make it more durable.

Depending on the karat type of your gold earrings, you may observe scratches on them. So what can you do about it? Can you remove them by yourself? Read further to find out more about removing scratches from gold earrings and also about protecting your precious jewelry.

Removing scratches at home

The good news is that even though your gold earrings got scratched, you can restore them by yourself. The bad news is that you can only do that with light scratches. We don’t recommend you to try this if your gold jewelry has heavy scratches.

The first thing you need to do before attempting to remove scratches from your gold earrings is to clean them. For that you need to use a damp microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water and rub them gently. Rinse your earrings using another lint-free cloth dipped in clean water only. When it comes to the water, we recommend using bottled still water since the tap one may contain chlorine and fluoride. After you rinse your gold jewelry, dry it and look at it closely.

If you notice very fine lines, get a gold polishing cloth and rub your gold earrings gently. Avoid any gemstones because the polishing cloth may damage them if you are not careful.

Removing scratches at the jewelry shop

If your gold jewelry has deep scratches, using the home method won’t work. A jeweler uses abrasive materials to polish your gold earrings and remove scratches from them. They know how to do it without destroying your jewelry, so don’t try to do it yourself. One of the worst things you can do to your gold jewelry is to listen to all the DIY advice you find on the Internet. Superficial scratches can be removed with a gold polishing cloth at home. For deep scratches, you need to go to the jewelry shop and that’s a rule.

Can polishing ruin my gold earrings?

Unfortunately, yes. Professional polishing (and also at home polishing for that matter) involves removing a thin layer of gold to make the jewelry even again. This is how you get rid of scratches but, of course, you also lose a thin layer of gold from your jewelry in this process.

This isn’t to say that you should never polish your gold earrings. You should if you want to restore their beauty and shine, but not too often. The general rule is to take your gold jewelry to the jewelry shop for professional polishing once a year. Don’t run to your jeweler every time you notice a scratch. If your jewelry gets professional polishing once a year, it should be fine.

When it comes to the polishing cloth you use at home, you can do it more often. Because this cloth is not very abrasive, you can polish your gold earrings once a month.

How can I avoid scratches on gold earrings?

As we said in the beginning, the higher the karat, the less durable the gold piece. This doesn’t mean that you should only buy 10k or 14k gold jewelry. It just means that you have to notice the karat and wear your gold earrings accordingly.

Keep your 20k and 22k gold jewelry for special occasions and don’t wear it too often. When you are not wearing it, store it in a protective pouch in your jewelry box to protect it from other jewelry. Also, when you are wearing your 20k or 22k gold jewelry, make sure that you don’t perform physical exercise. It is needless to say that you shouldn’t cook or clean wearing your gold jewelry.

As for your 10k or 14k gold earrings, you are safe to wear them every day. 14k and 10k gold are more resistant because the alloys contain less gold and more durable metals. However, this type of jewelry can also get scratches so it is best to avoid wearing it when you are exercising. Even if 10k and 14k gold is more resistant, you should still keep it in a protective pouch when you are not wearing it.

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