The necklace clasp is a crucial part of your necklace and it allows you to secure it in place. When the clasp receives damaged, you could even lose your necklace while wearing it. Unfortunately, some habits that we have end up damaging the necklace clasp. All the bad DIY jewelry advice on the internet doesn’t help either. But because we know you love your jewelry, we have decided to put together a list of the most common mistakes that damage your jewelry clasp. Read further to find out how to protect your precious necklaces and maintain them looking as new.

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What is a necklace clasp?

The clasp is the part that secures the necklace when you put it on. There are different types of clasps and some are more fragile than others. Before talking about how not to damage your necklace clasp, let’s see some of the most common types:

  • The spring ring is one of the most common types of clasps. It features a metal ring with a spring mechanism and a small lever. You probably have this type of clasp and know that it is quite sturdy and easy to use.
  • The lobster clasp is sturdier than the spring ring and it’s great for heavier pieces that need support. Its name comes from the fact that it resembles a lobster claw.
  • The barrel clasp is less user-friendly than the other two because you need both hands to close it. This clasp type consists of two metal pieces that screw together and resemble a barrel when closed. Each part of “the barrel” is attached to one end of your necklace.
  • The toggle clasp is elegant and stylish, but it is suited for heavier pieces. This necklace clasp contains a long bar (or T shaped metal piece) that slips through a circle. The weight of the necklace holds the two metal pieces together.
  • The magnetic clasp is ideal for people with low dexterity. It consists of two magnets that snap together securing your necklace. Necklaces with a magnetic clap are very easy to put on.
  • The S hook clasp is a classic. This necklace clasp has an “S” shape on one end of the jewelry and a metal ring on the other end. The “S” slides onto the ring, securing the piece. The drawback is that the hook can sometimes catch on clothes.
  • The fishhook clasp consists of a metal hook on one end of the necklace and an oval-shaped box on the other. This necklace clasp is very elegant, but it can be tricky to use.
  • The slide lock clasp usually comes with multi-strand necklaces. It is a great alternative for heavier pieces but, just like the fishhook claps, it can be tricky to fasten it.

Most common mistakes that damage a necklace clasp

Some clasps are more durable than others, but they can still get ruined, especially when you follow the DIY advice you find on the Internet. Let’s take a look at the most common situations when you can damage your necklace clasp.

  1. Hair gets stuck and you want to get it out

In some smaller clasps, like the spring ring or the lobster, hair can get inside. Some solutions you find online advise you to use a lighter to burn the hair or use hair removal cream. Don’t ever do that! The heat from the lighter can deform the clasp, while hair removal cream can be corrosive. Instead, use a pair of tweezers or a thin needle and a lot of patience. If you can’t get it out, take your necklace to the jewelry shop.

  1. You don’t clean the necklace clasp

It is not enough to clean the chain or the strand. You also have to clean the clasp to ensure that it functions properly. A barrel clasp, for example, can get dirt inside and, in time, the dirt can pile up. This will cause the metal pieces not to screw properly and you could end up losing the necklace.

  1. You shower wearing your necklace

When you are wearing a thin chain necklace it is very easy to forget about it, but you shouldn’t. Water can damage not only the jewelry piece but also its clasp. With magnetic clasps, for example, water can inhibit their properties and you could lose your necklace down the drain.

  1. You store your necklaces the wrong way

The best way to store a necklace is to hang it on a necklace tree or pushpin. The necklace should be closed, of course, otherwise, it can get tangled. The clasp can also receive damage in the jewelry box, so make sure you store your necklace properly.

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