A stacked necklace is a fashionable and stylish piece of jewelry which you want to wear as often as possible. We understand why, especially since stacked jewelry is a big trend this year. However, when it comes to care and cleaning methods, a stacked necklace requires a little bit extra attention. Because it contains multiple strands, this piece of jewelry can easily break if you are not careful. It is also quite difficult to perfectly clean a stacked necklace. But don’t worry, we are here to help.

Read further to discover how to clean and care for your stacked necklace so that it always looks amazing.

Cleaning a stacked necklace according to the materials

Usually, a stacked necklace is either metallic or features pearls or gemstones. As you can imagine, there are different cleaning and caring methods according to the materials in your necklace.

With gold and platinum necklaces if you have to be careful not to scratch them. Platinum, in its pure form, is more resistant than gold. However, a platinum necklace contains 95% platinum, while a gold one is an alloy. It has less gold than the platinum one has platinum, which means that, in the end, it will be more resistant. You should avoid soaking both of these stacked necklaces in water. Instead, use a cloth dipped in soapy warm water and rinse with another damp cloth. You can also use a polishing cloth to polish your stacked necklaces once every two months

With silver necklaces, you can use a silver polishing cloth to remove the tarnish. Clean them with warm soapy water and a jewelry brush with soft bristles.

With gold-plated necklaces just use a damp cloth. Rub them gently and don’t forget to dry them afterward. Avoid using a polishing cloth as it can remove the thin layer of gold.

Multi-strand pearl necklaces or simple ones require a lot of care. Never soak your necklace in water and avoid soap or other detergents. Just rub them gently with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly afterward.

A stacked necklace made of other materials, such as stainless steel or titanium is more durable and you can use soapy water and a brush or lint-free cloth. With copper and brass, on the other hand, avoid direct contact with water and just rub them with a damp cloth.

Tips for cleaning a stacked necklace

As you know, a stacked necklace contains multiple strands, so clean it carefully not to break it. In the areas where the strands meet, use a very soft brush, but don’t forget about these areas. Various chemicals and oils from the skin can pile up there and make your stacked necklace lose its durability.

When it comes to ultrasonics, it is risky to clean a stacked necklace this way, especially if it has gemstones. Some gemstones cannot withstand ultrasonic cleaning methods. And even if it doesn’t have gemstones, ultrasonics can damage the area where the strands meet. In time, your stacked necklace could break, so it is best to avoid mechanical cleaning methods with this type of jewelry.

How to store a stacked necklace

One problem with the stacked necklaces is that they can get tangled. If your necklace forms knots or if the strands got tangled, it could easily break. This is why you should avoid storing your stacked necklace in a jewelry box along with your other jewelry. Instead, let it hang from a necklace tree. This way, you will keep a distance between the strands and minimize the risk of them getting tangled.

If, however, you notice that the strands of your stacked necklace are tangled, untangle them carefully. Use a very thin needle to do that and don’t apply too much pressure. If you can’t de-knot the necklace using this method, it is best to take it to the jewelry shop. The jeweler will know what to do to untangle your necklace and prevent it from breaking.

Last, but not least, when you wear a stacked necklace it is best to keep your hair up. Even with a simple chain necklace hair can catch up on the chain. But with a stacked necklace, you have multiple strands where hair can catch up. It could be painful to remove your necklace, not to mention risky. A hair strand is more durable than it looks and it can cause your necklace to break. To avoid this risk, wear your hair up with your stacked necklaces.

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