Ring resizing is a process that allows you to custom your rings so that they perfectly fit your fingers. But, as you may know, some rings cannot be resized. Also, resizing a ring can sometimes damage it or weaken the setting. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about ring resizing. This includes information about when it’s safe to resize to your ring. Continue to read further to discover important information about your jewelry.

How Does Ring Resizing Happen?

Ring resizing is a relatively simple process, depending on the metal. If we are talking about platinum, for example, it can get more difficult. As you know, platinum is a brittle metal and hard to work with. To resize your ring, the jewelry firstly has to cut the band.

If you need the ring to have a larger size, the jeweler will spread the band after the cutting process as much as possible. Then they will add a new piece of metal in order to fill the gap. If you need a smaller size, it’s even easier. The jeweler will simply cut a small strip of your band to narrow it. After they resize your ring, they will put it together and solder the band in the spot where they cut it.

Is ring resizing a good option for me?

You have to understand that ring resizing often makes the band weaker. If your engagement ring doesn’t fit, then, yes, you have to resize it in order to wear it. But if you have a cocktail ring, for example, and you want to resize it in order to fit on your thumb as opposed to your middle finger, it is best that you don’t do that. You can wear a cocktail ring on any finger you please and resizing it may cause problems. We recommend ring resizing unless you have no other option, like in the case of an engagement ring or when the ring doesn’t fit any of your fingers.

The part of the band that is cut automatically becomes weaker. When you put pressure on it or if it suffers a mechanical shock, it can break. Of course, if the jeweler has done a good job, this risk will be minimal.

When ring resizing goes wrong

All rings that go through the process of resizing are slightly less durable than before. But, as we stated, if the jeweler does a good job, then your ring will most probably be fine. However, there are situations when ring resizing can go wrong. Usually, this happens when the jeweler didn’t solder the ring back together in a proper way. Fortunately, you can discover this easily.

Analyse your ring carefully and look at the joint parts. If you can see a depressing on the surface and it doesn’t seem flat, then it means that resizing went wrong. However, if the surface is flat but you see a different color, that’s okay, it just means that the alloy had a different color than your band. This applies to gold and silver rings, as well as rings of various alloys. When it comes to platinum, you will probably see that line at the joint. This can’t be helped, no matter how good your jeweler is. Platinum is a difficult metal and this happens to all platinum rings that go through ring resizing.

Which rings you cannot resize?

There are a couple of situations when ring resizing is impossible to do. If you own a ring that cannot be resized (and it’s not platinum), your best option is to melt it and create another piece of jewelry. Please note that, in the case of platinum, you cannot melt a ring. Here is when ring resizing is impossible:

  • More than two sizes. If you need your ring to be more than two sizes bigger or smaller, it will be almost impossible to resize it without damaging it.
  • Titanium rings can’t be resized because of the properties of this metal.
  • Rings with a channel setting cannot go through ring resizing without damage to the band or the gemstones.
  • Specific gemstone rings that don’t have a prong setting. To resize a gemstone ring, the jeweler must first take out the stones. With a prong setting, the stones can be taken out easily and safely. But with any other type of setting, they will have to remain on the ring because taking them out means damaging it. If the stones on your ring are diamonds, resizing can happen, regardless of the setting (except for the channel one) because diamonds can take the heat and they don’t need to be removed from the ring. But if you have a gemstone ring featuring an amethyst in a bezel setting, for example, you won’t probably be able to resize it.

Ring resizing is a good option if you can’t wear the ring otherwise on any of your fingers (except for an engagement ring). But do your research and make sure that the jeweler you choose is top notch when it comes to the job. For more jewelry information, read our other articles as well. Check out our unique designer rings collections at fair prices.

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