A spinning ring can be very annoying, not to mention dangerous. Well, it’s not that type of danger where you jump from burning buildings and Bruce Willis comes at the last minute to save the day. It’s the type of danger that can cause you to have a breakdown after you discover that you have lost your engagement ring. Many women encounter a spinning ring problem. This is why we have decided to address this situation and let you know what to do when your ring starts spinning and moving on your finger.

Spinning ring caused by the wrong size

Sometimes, a ring moves on your finger when it’s a bigger size than it should be. In this case, the solution is quite simple – you need to have your ring resized. Keep in mind, though, that, to some degree, resizing can weaken your ring. Of course, it is better to have your ring resized than lose it, but what we are trying to say is that you should make sure you get the right size from the beginning. Sometimes, with certain clothing items, we love them so much that we are willing to buy a bigger size if a small one isn’t available. We take them to the tailor and have them resized. With rings, it’s different, though.

Resizing is recommended when you don’t have the option to exchange your ring for an identical one of your size. So don’t go around buying rings thinking you can just resize them like clothes. Try to get the size right from the first try.

Right size, the ring still spinning

There is also this common situation when your ring is the right size but it still moves on your finger. This happens when you have slim fingers, but larger knuckles. It is a common situation, but, in this case, you can solve the spinning ring problem with resizing. If you do that, you won’t be able to slide it over your knuckles and it will be impossible to wear it. Thankfully, jewelers have thought about this problem and offer you a range of solutions. Read further to find out what to do with a spinning ring that is the right size for your finger.

The spring insert

Usually made of white gold, a spring insert has the shape of a horseshoe. The jeweler fixates it on the inside of your ring’s band at the bottom. This mechanism is pretty flexible and it becomes wider as you slide the ring over the knuckle and gets thinner when it reaches the bottom of your finger. It keeps your ring in place and it’s very comfortable to wear. Many women don’t even notice the spring insert after wearing the ring a little bit.

The foldover device

A simple metal wire in shape of a U, the foldover is a ring piece that goes on one side of the band. It resembles a latch and you can easily open it to slide your ring over the knuckle and then close it over the finger. Like the spring ring insert, the foldover is comfortable to wear. The great thing about a foldover device is that it can decrease your ring up to three sizes. Jewelers use this mechanism to solve a spinning ring problem for women with large knuckles compared to their fingers.

The ring beads

The last method for solving a spinning ring problem consists of ring beads of the same material as the ring itself. The jeweler will insert those two beads on the inside of the band and polish them to that they feel smooth. The ring beads change the ring a half-size, so they are not suitable if you need a bigger adjustment. Also, as opposed to the spring ring and foldover device, some women find the ring beads uncomfortable.

To sum it up, when you are dealing with a spinning ring problem, you have several options to choose from. One thing that we don’t recommend is to try the DIY advice you find online. Usually, this includes liquid plastic formulas, pliers or PVC tubing. It is needless to say that these methods can seriously harm your ring or the gemstones. Your fine jewelry deserves better and so do you. Instead of watching YouTube tutorials and experimenting on your engagement ring, take it to the jewelry shop. Discuss with the jeweler and find out which method can solve your spinning ring problem. This way you get to protect your jewelry from the internet, but also wear it as long as you want without fear of losing it.

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