The moonstone ring is one of the most interesting and beautiful art deco jewelry. Due to its unique look, the moonstone gem has a lot of significance and is the source of many legends. In the past, the moonstone ring was worn only by the richest aristocrats. Today, this semi-precious stone can is used to create personalized rings that make a clear statement of fashion and beauty. In this article, you will discover more about the moonstone ring, its significance and the legends that surround this semi-precious stone.

The moonstone carries the soul of the moon within

This gem makes it seem like a silvery light is coming from within making it seem as if the soul of the moon is trapped inside. However, this wonderful stone has been used for more than just fashion.  The moonstone has been used by jewelers for millennia, ever since the ancient times. People considered the moonstone ring to be a talisman for love, fertility, protection and to improve sleep. Even so, there is more to learn about the symbolism and mysticism of the moonstone.

The Eastern moonstone symbolism

In the Eastern cultures, all “lighted” gemstones, including the moonstone, were associated with good luck. Due to its ever-changing white shades and reflections, which are called adularescence by gemologists, the moonstone seems to suggest a powerful and good spirit is dwelling within. Furthermore, in India, this semi-precious stone was considered sacred and merchants couldn’t showcase this gem unless it rested directly on a yellow (the most sacred color) cloth. During the earliest traditions, the moonstone was said to have been placed on the forehead of Ganesh, the Hindu god of the moon. According to the legends, the moonstone can give supernatural powers such as clairvoyance and prophecy to the wearer.

Roman and Greek Mythology

Since the moonstone looks very similar to the moonshine, the Romans believed that this gemstone was formed by the moonlight. If you look at the semi-precious stone closely, it will seem as if a light lurks and dances inside the gem. They believed that the moonstone captured the image of Diana, their moon goddess. Ancient Greeks referred to the moonstone as “Aphroselene” which was a combination between the name of the love goddess Aphrodite and the moon goddess Selene.

This gem was also used as an aphrodisiac and people say that if two individuals wear it, they will fall in love during the next full moon.  The moonstone was also called “the travelers stone” and it protected those who traveled at night, on the sea.

Meditation and the moonstone

Mystics from all over the world used the moonstone (as ring, necklace or bracelet) for meditation purposes. The light within the gem made focusing and meditation much easier. Some people even believed that the moonstone possessed calming effects and could help those wishing to meditate and enter a trance.

Moonstone symbolism

Just as the name suggests, the moonstone can be associated with the Moon. Some people consider it a good birthstone for those born on the Moon’s day (Monday). Due to the association with Earth’s only natural satellite and the calming influence, the moonstone can be used by those with sleep problems.

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Magicians tend to use the moonstone according to the Moon’s phases. Some believe that if the moonstone is buried in the garden during a full moon, it will increase the garden’s fertility and yield. Since the Moon has the power to influence water from all over the Earth, some believe the moonstone ring can be used as a protective talisman while swimming or on sea voyages.

The Lover’s stone

Women believed in ancient times that since the Moon renews every month, the moonstone can help them retain or regain a more youthful appearance. But the moonstone possesses other more romantic properties. The Moon’s charm is reflected in the moonstone lore and those seeking to find true love can fulfill their dreams. Firstly, they have to hold the gemstone in their hand during a full moon and imagine their true love coming towards them. Next, they should carry the moonstone with them until the next fool moon in order for the spell to come to fruition.

In the past, every gem and piece of clothing symbolized something. Today, some people still believe in the beneficial qualities of the moonstone, while others love it because of its magical looks. If you prefer a personalized ring (birthstone) that truly makes a statement, the moonstone ring is a perfect choice.

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