Gold dipped jewelry deserves just as much TLC as your solid gold pieces. In fact, they might deserve a little more care because gold plated pieces (yes, it’s the same thing) require more maintenance than solid gold jewelry. Regardless of the technicalities, we love jewelry that has a golden color and want it to last as long as possible. This is how you take care of gold dipped jewelry, besides learning how to clean jewelry. Keep reading for the golden rules (mind the pun) on keeping the gold layer on jewelry shine.

  1. Don’t Be Harsh

The layer of gold on gold dipped jewelry is actually very thin. Gold on its own is not a durable metal. Even your solid gold piece is an alloy of gold with other fortifying metals that make the piece more durable. This is why the thin layer of gold on your piece will eventually wear off.

Don’t speed up the process by heavily rubbing it or using harsh chemicals while cleaning. Also be careful of chipping away the gold layer when your piece comes in contact with hard surfaces.

  1. Keep It Away from Make-Up Products & Perfume

There are chemicals in make-up products, lotions, perfume, and other sprays that damage your gold dipped jewelry. This is why you should put your jewelry on after your beauty routine.

Let your body butter and other creams dry before putting on a bracelet, necklace or ring. Also, put your makeup on first and wash your hands before touching your jewelry pieces. The same goes for perfume and hairspray. Spray before you put on your jewelry.

  1. No Swimming or Showering with Gold Dipped Jewelry

Gold dipped jewelry does not do well in moisture. This includes the steam in your shower. Also, though the chlorine in swimming pools might be an obvious issue, the salinity of ocean water is also damaging to gold plating.

Keep your jewelry pieces outside of the bathroom so they aren’t damaged by the hot steam. Always remove your jewelry before showering. Take off your earrings and necklace when you are washing your face and remove your rings before washing your hands with soap.

Don’t go swimming with jewelry, period. Gold plating is not resistant to any water and should be kept dry at all times.

  1. Use a Jewelry Cloth for Gentle Cleaning

Jewelry cloths are a made of a special fabric that won’t create any scratches in your gold dipped jewelry. Please, use them. Wipe away the grime that collects on your jewelry pieces regularly. These minuscule dirt particles can slowly break down the gold layer.

Don’t use any wet wipes, not even the ones you use to clean your glasses. Also, other materials like a paper towel or your shirt are not ideal.

  1. Avoid Soap If You Can

You might already know that gold dipped jewelry shouldn’t be steam cleaned or cleaned with chemicals. However, you should also avoid mild soaps if at all possible. Generally, a jewelry cloth dipped in warm water should be enough to bring back the shine. If that doesn’t do the job then ask your jeweler which mild soaps are safe to use.

For tiny nooks and crannies, you can use a soft toothbrush to clean. The emphasis is on the word soft. Be as gentle with your gold dipped jewelry piece as you are with your pearly whites.

  1. Store Your Jewelry Properly

Even when you are not wearing it, take care of your gold dipped jewelry. This means placing it on a soft surface. Keep the pieces in a velvet lined jewelry box or wrap them in a soft cloth. You can also choose to keep them in an airtight bag to prevent the gold from oxidizing.

You should also separate gold dipped jewelry from other metals and materials. The different pieces can react to each other which can cause damage.

  1. Keep Them Safe During Travel

We don’t recommend traveling with your most valuable pieces. This is why gold dipped jewelry is the better choice to bring on your trip. However, you do need to protect it.

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Wrap the pieces in a soft cloth and keep them in airtight and watertight bags. You could also use a pill box in place of your big jewelry box at home. This should keep your pieces safe and just as pretty by the time you are home again.

Our rules on how to care for gold dipped jewelry are actually quite simple to follow. All you have to do is remember, really. You don’t need any special cleaners or elaborate casings to keep your pieces golden. Worst case, you can have your piece plated again to have it shine like new. For more info on gold jewelry, keep reading our guides.

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