Think of a jewelry inspection as the perfect means to maintain your precious jewelry in perfect condition. Just like you have your car inspected periodically and do your bloodwork once or twice a year, so should you pay attention to your jewelry. It is crucial to have a jewelry inspection periodically to prevent your rings from losing the gemstones, necklace clasp breakage and more. And because there isn’t a lot of information about this topic, we have decided to share our knowledge with you. Read further to find out why and when you should have a jewelry inspection.

Jewelry inspection benefits

When you get your jewelry inspected, the jeweler will do more than look at it and tell you if it’s in good condition. In fact, a jewelry inspection is like a spa day for your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.


A safety check is one of the most important aspects of a jewelry inspection. The jeweler will check your rings’ settings for bent prongs, loose stones and more. They will tighten any loose stones if they notice some and make sure that it’s safe to wear your jewelry without fear of losing the gemstones. A professional jeweler will also check the earrings’ backings, the necklaces’ clasps, and so on. They will make sure there is no weak link in your chain jewelry and that the stones on your cuff bracelets are still in the right position. Last, but not least, the jeweler will check for scratches, tarnish and other aesthetic aspects.


We know that you clean your jewelry at home and you can find many articles on our blog with cleaning and care advice for certain jewelry types. However, a professional cleaning will also be good for your jewelry and this is exactly what the jeweler will do. If dirt piles up in your pieces, it will cause friction and make your jewelry wear down faster. It can also cover problems, like loose clasps or stones, making them unnoticeable until is too late.

This is why the jeweler will thoroughly clean your pieces and remove dirt from inaccessible places. For some pieces, they may recommend mechanical cleaning methods, but not all of them. Some gemstones can’t withstand this type of cleaning. But, rest assured, a professional jeweler will know which pieces are safe for mechanical cleaning.


At last, the jeweler will polish your pieces removing tarnish from silver jewelry and restoring the luster of gold pieces. However, too much polishing can ruin some jewelry pieces, especially plated items. Be careful about it and let your jeweler know which pieces you want to go through professional polishing.

Why you need a jewelry inspection

The same reason you need to do a bloodwork once or twice a year. To resolve any emerging problems and prevent future ones. You can visit the jewelry shop to repair your pieces or you can visit it to have them checked so that they won’t need repairing. We’d say the second option is the better one.

Sometimes, the setting of a jewelry piece gets loose and you don’t realize this until you notice the gemstone is gone. Otherwise, there is a vulnerable link in your chain, but if you don’t go to a jewelry inspection, you may end up with no chain at all. The main idea is that repairing broken jewelry or replacing lost gemstones will be more expensive and time-consuming than a simple jewelry inspection. Even if there are pieces you don’t wear too often, you should still have them inspected. Silver jewelry, for example, will tarnish faster when you don’t wear it and a professional jeweler can remove that tarnish layer in no time.

When to have a jewelry inspection

We recommend taking your pieces to a jewelry inspection at least once a year. Of course, if there are items that you wear every day, you need to have a jewelry inspection more often. Two or three times a year should be fine for pieces that you wear on a daily basis.

Besides this annual or bi-annual inspection, you should also take your jewelry to the jewelry shop after they have suffered a mechanical shock. If you bumped your ring, for example, it may seem fine to you. But this doesn’t mean that the setting is fine or that it doesn’t require a professional’s attention. As they say, better safe than sorry.

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