The rich green shade of jade exudes luxury and a classic beauty. If you have your very own jade jewelry then you will want to cherish this precious stone. When you wear this semi precious gemstone, it is like summoning the elegance and beauty of Ming Dynasty princesses. But you will have to know how to clean jewelry as well and give your jade jewelry the royal treatment too. Read through our guide on how to care for jade jewelry to have your jade piece last a lifetime.

Jadeite or Nephrite

Did you know, jade is only a name that most people use to identify two different types of green gemstone. Yes, jade isn’t just jade. There’s a fun fact for you to impress your friends with.

The two types of ‘jade’ are jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is the mineral that is normally used in jewelry. It is a slightly harder gemstone than nephrite whose softer composition is preferable for carving statues and ornaments.

Just Warm Water and Mild Soap

The best way to clean your jade jewelry is also the easiest way. Simply wet a soft cloth in warm water and wipe the jade with the moist cloth. You can also choose to add a bit of mild handsoap if you’re the kind that likes your water foamy. The key word is mild here. Harsh soaps won’t bring back the shine of your jade.

If your jade jewelry has hard to reach spaces, you may use a gentle brush. For example, when you have a jade pendant with intricate carving or a jade ring where the prongs of the setting creates small spaces. Use a brush with the softest bristles you can find to avoid scratches.

Treat Jade like Your Skin

Jade is a porous stone. Just like your skin’s pores, you want to keep them small and clear. Stay with us on this metaphor. It will make more sense as we explain the different properties of this gemstone.

Don’t use any chemicals to clean your jade jewelry. The chemicals can cause a reaction which creates larger pores and dulls the color. Just like when you are looking for new skin products, you will want only the best that the market has to offer.

Know how your skin cracks when it is dry? A little natural oil is needed to keep your jade moisturized. Whenever you wear your jade jewelry, some of your skin’s natural oil will moisturize the gemstone every time it comes into contact with your skin. So, you are actually doing your jade jewelry justice by wearing it more often. You get to show off your brilliant gemstone and the jade receives the oil it needs.

Oiling your jade usually isn’t necessary. There are only two reasons you might want to give your jade a polish with oil. The first one happens when your jade is particularly porous. The second is when you haven’t worn your jade jewelry in a long time.

This is where the comparison with your skin doesn’t work. A jade’s pores are not exactly like your skin’s pores. Where your skin will retain more oil when you have larger pores, porous jade actually dries out faster. You can recognize porous jade by a whitening of the gemstone. Just like how dry skin fades and pales, the same goes for jade when its pores dry out.

For porous jade, a weekly polish with canola oil will help to keep the gemstone shiny. Use a paper towel to thoroughly rub the canola oil on the gemstone. Then, let the oil soak into the pores for five to ten minutes. We promise, a weekly oiling will do your porous jade good.

Just like with your car. Never mind, no more metaphors for jade jewelry.

What To Avoid With Jade Jewelry

It is best to avoid having chemicals come in contact with your jade jewelry. Sometimes jade is treated and the chemicals will affect this composition. Aside from avoiding chemicals to clean your jade jewelry, also avoid contact with chemicals you use elsewhere on your body. Products such as deodorants, perfumes, hair spray but also makeup products are not friendly to your jade.

Hard surfaces can also scratch your jade. When wearing jade jewelry, be careful not to bump into tables or doors. Actually, bumping into things is not something you should be doing, regardless of jade jewelry.

Finally, store your jade jewelry on soft surfaces. For example, use a velvet box or wrapped in a cloth to avoid scratching by other jewelry.

In short, keep the shine in your jade jewelry by treating it gently. Don’t let the gemstone come in contact with chemicals, use a mild soap with warm water instead. Also avoid bumping into harsh surfaces so your jade stays smooth. Curious about other gemstones in jewelry? Browse through our articles on different jewelry styles for more shiny stones. If you want to view our fabulous gemstone jewelry collections, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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