We cannot emphasize how important it is to keep your jewelry box organized. It is as important as knowing how to clean jewelry. It will save you your sanity by keeping your chains from tangling, earrings from missing their twins and metals and gemstones from scratching. We know, keeping all your pieces neatly in order takes a little effort. So does detangling your rope necklace from your chandelier earring, though. If you’ve reached the point where you are ready to give up, don’t. Instead, read our guide on how to keep your jewelry box organized.

Step 1: Clear out Your Jewelry Box

The first step assumes that you already have a jewelry box to begin with. If you don’t, then it is time to get one. Trust us, it will save you so much time and stress.

Clear out your jewelry box by placing all your pieces side by side on a flat surface. You might want to place them on a soft cloth to keep your jewelry from getting scratched.

Step 2: Select the Pieces by Frequency of Use

If you are like us, then you will have pieces that you wear almost daily but also pieces that you save for special occasions. Sort out which pieces you need to keep within reach and which pieces can be placed in different storage for safekeeping.

Your workhorse pieces can be kept in the open on your dresser table. For example, have a little bowl for your office earrings or a pretty rack to hang your most-used rings, necklaces and bracelets is a great idea.

If you prefer to have your jewelry stowed away then keep these high-frequency jewelry pieces in the top layer of your jewelry box.

Step 3: Sort by Type

Think about how you pick out which jewelry pieces to wear. Do you go by type of jewelry (this is the most common one) or by materials or by colors, maybe? Whichever way you pick and choose your jewelry, that’s the way the pieces are best sorted into your jewelry box.

Identifying how you pick which jewelry to wear will streamline your morning routine. We all want a few more snooze minutes.

Step 4: Cushion What Needs to Be Protected

Some jewelry pieces need some extra protection, even when placed in your jewelry box. Either buy storage with cushioning or cut out pieces of felt to line the compartments yourself.

Alternatively, you can use tissues or the cloths used to clean glasses with. Simply wrap your delicate jewelry pieces in tissues or smooth cloth before placing them inside the jewelry box.

Step 5: Keep Your Jewelry from Tangling Together

There are a few different tricks for keeping your jewelry from becoming one big lump. Here are a few stress saving tips just for you.

Hang your necklaces from hooks, if you have them. You can also wind them around something that is long and circular. You can use household items like straws or leftover cardboard rolls or pop into your jewelry store for the rounded cushions. You can do the same for your bracelets.

Keep earrings together by pinning them to a piece of felt. You can also use a ribbon or even very thin cork. This will also keep the backs from getting lost.

Rings can be strung along a binder clip if you want to move them around. Otherwise, a small cushioned compartment in your jewelry box should be enough.

Step 6: Re-organize Every Month

Okay, we’ll admit we misguided you a little bit by saying you only had to try one last time. The truth is, we all drop the ball sometimes. When you are in a rush, keeping your jewelry box order intact just isn’t a priority.

Also, we love to go jewelry shopping. Don’t you? Adding new pieces to your collection might mean that you need to do some shuffling around in your jewelry box.

So, realistically, organizing your jewelry box is a monthly chore. Well, that depends on how organized you like to keep your things. Chances are that if you read this article though, you are on our team. The team of organized people when given the time.

Don’t skip on this chore. It only requires a little bit of time to keep your jewelry pretty, scratch-free and always where you want it to be.

That’s it, you’ve gone through all the steps to keep your jewelry pieces safe and organized. Now, did you notice any empty spaces in the box? Reward yourself with a new jewelry piece. Can’t decide what to get? Keep reading our articles for trending but also timeless jewelry inspiration.

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