Not every piece of jewelry needs to feature genuine diamonds and solid gold. Some costume jewelry pieces are just as pretty for only a fraction of the price. Costume jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry, usually features plated metals and semi-precious or imitation gemstones. This doesn’t mean that this jewelry is of lesser quality. If you shop the right way, costume jewelry does not have to pale in comparison to fine jewelry. It’s all about the correct styling and design. Not convinced yet? Here are our top reasons why you should own a couple of costume jewelry pieces.

  1. Simpler Cleaning Routine

The best way to keep your costume jewelry shiny? Simply take it off before coming into contact with water and chemicals. It’s as easy as that.

This jewelry usually contains brass or copper and these metals don’t enjoy a hot shower as much as you do. Just remember to keep your jewelry dry and wipe it clean with a soft cloth once in a while. Steam cleaning and other cleaning routines you use for other pieces can actually damage the materials in costume jewelry. This also goes for costume jewelry that’s gold plated.

So, if you are the type that would rather skip the trip to the jeweler’s for a cleaning, costume jewelry will save you the time.

  1. Keeping up with the Trends

The fashion trends change with each season. If you are a true fashionista then you’ll be excited to try all the new styles. However, some fads are only fun for a few months. So what should you do with a piece of fine jewelry you’ll never wear again?

If you are unsure about a trend but still brave enough to try it, costume jewelry is your friend. It lets you experiment without breaking the bank. And if you decide that a velvet choker is not really your thing, your niece will be happy to relieve you of the piece.

  1. Truly an Outfit Accessory

Since this jewelry has the purpose to align with current fashion trends, its design matches the current fashionable clothes. Did you also notice the jewelry shops suddenly selling all sorts of collar necklaces and chokers when off-the-shoulder tops came back in style? This is the fashion industry doing you a favor.

If being right on trend is your life’s mission, costume jewelry is your support system. Originally made popular by the fashionable style icon Coco Chanel, ‘outfit’ jewelry makes your look seem perfectly put together. Accessorizing is easier when you already know your jewelry and new clothes are meant to be together.

  1. Learn What Works For You

Costume jewelry is also a great way to explore which styles work best for you. You can see which necklace length elongates your neck, which earrings make your eyes shine brighter and whether layering bangles suits your daily errands.

The stones you find in this jewelry are usually glass or crystals. These materials can create incredibly bright colors. Try different colors of bedazzlement to see which one accentuates your skin color and closet palette. This type of jewelry will let you mix and match styles and colors before you buy fine jewelry.

  1. Go Vintage to Show off Your Costume Jewelry Expertise

It is a myth that all costume jewelry is worthless. There are actually pieces of vintage costume jewelry that sell at fine jewelry prices. You can browse online or scavenge at antique markets to find pieces that are worth several hundred dollars.

If you already dress vintage, vintage costume creations will give you the feeling of stumbling upon a treasure. For a retro feel, look for wooden or shell designs from the seventies. Costume jewelry from the roaring twenties features long drop earrings and chokers in colored glass and white metals.

Complete your vintage look with true vintage costume pieces that everyone will be envious of.

Though all like to shower ourselves in precious gemstones and pure gold from time to time, it doesn’t mean that we have to do it for every occasion. A few pieces of costume jewelry represent a practical addition to your jewelry box. This type of jewelry offers you more space for experimentation and staying fashionably on point. Think of costume jewelry as your favorite pair of jeans. They are the most comfortable to wear and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Fine jewelry is like your little black dress. It is striking to wear to any occasion but there’s only so much you can do for variation. If you want to find out more about costume or fine jewelry, read our other articles as well. To view Ana Luisa’s unique designer jewelry collections, visit our online jewelry shop.

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