Being more environmentally friendly is a goal that many people try to achieve. If you are among them but don’t know where to start, then keep on reading. In this article, you will discover why sustainability is important. You will also discover five simple lifestyle changes that will make you more environmentally friendly. Of course, these are simple changes that you can implement without effort. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your eco-friendly advice.

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Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Trash Bags

We rarely think about the trash bags we use, but actually, these make a lot of the plastic pollution. There’s a lot of talk lately about our trash and how we can help the recycling process but, believe it or not, it all starts with the trash bag. Standard trash bags are not environmentally friendly and they create a lot of problems, especially when they end up in the sea.

However, switching to biodegradable trash bags requires no effort at all and it will help you become more environmentally friendly. You just have to buy a different product than the one you are used to. And we bet you are not that attached to your standard trash bags. So next time you go shopping for household products, choose biodegradable trash bags instead of standard ones. It is that simple.

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

Did you know that most of the energy used by a washing machine is used to heat the water? By choosing to wash your clothes in cold water you become more environmentally friendly. And there are also other advantages. You save up energy and your clothes will not shrink, lose color, or wear out quickly. Washing your clothes in cold water is just as efficient as using warm water but comes with multiple advantages.

And while we are here, after you wash your clothes, let them dry off on the rack. This way you save energy and, on the plus side, your clothes will get a fresh, nice scent. This is another lifestyle change that makes you more environmentally friendly. And it’s very easy to do. You just have to press a different button.

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Buy Pre-Owned Products

And speaking of clothes that have a bigger lifespan, why not buy pre-owned products? This doesn’t apply to garments only, of course. You can be more environmentally friendly by choosing pre-owned products sometimes. You can get pre-owned clothes, books, and even furniture. If you are not too keen on the idea of Kindle, then pre-owned books are a great way to nurture your passion for reading and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

When it comes to garments, you can find fabulous vintage clothes in second-hand shops. Breathe new life into old garments and let your style shine through. Furniture is also one of the reasons why our forests are in danger. And the thing is that you don’t really need new furniture, not when you have fantastic pre-owned pieces. Some designers and artists recondition old furniture and make it look fabulous. When it comes to furniture, there are also alternative materials that are really creative and environmentally friendly. And guess what? Shopping for pre-owned products is always more fun that going to standard shops and getting products that are the same as everybody else’s.

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Install Environmentally Friendly Shower Heads

So, you love long hot showers, don’t you? That’s ok, everybody does. And while these long showers feel amazing, they also waste a lot of water. However, you can now enjoy your showers without feeling guilty about the water you waste. Environmentally friendly showers heads consume 70% less water than traditional ones.

So all you have to do is call your plumber and ask them to install new shower heads. You will feel great and, as a bonus, you will also manage to save some money in the process.

Choose Eco-Friendly Brands

This is also a very simple thing you can do that will make your lifestyle more environmentally-friendly. There are many eco-friendly brands out there, you just have to do a bit of research. Buy clothes from brands that use alternative and organic fabrics that don’t pollute the environment. Choose local food producers that grow their crops organically.

When it comes to jewelry, Ana Luisa is a great example of a brand that is environmentally friendly. Because the gold mining industry is very harmful, our solid gold and sterling silver pieces are handcrafted in 100% recycled gold and silver. That’s right. We simply use old gold to create the contemporary designs that you love. Furthermore, for our gold-dipped jewelry, the plating is done in-house. This way we can ensure that the working conditions are great and that our employees receive fair wages. And last, but not least, we use only lab-grown diamonds for our diamond jewelry. This is how we manage to create clean diamond jewelry that does not encourage diamond mining in conflict zones.

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If you enjoyed discovering how you can be more environmentally friendly, keep on reading our blog. We are committed to helping people make eco-friendly choices and we have many interesting articles on this topic. Of course, you can also find interesting information about gemstones, jewelry buying, care guides, and more. If you want to check out any of the pieces featured in this article and discover more sustainable jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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