A jewelry trend you definitely need to keep an eye out for is the snake ring. Let’s be honest, if you haven’t already seen the snake ring, you probably have been living under a rock…. or you haven’t been keeping up with pop culture. The edgy ring’s recent rise to popularity is all thanks to pop music sensation Taylor Swift. She has been spotted multiple times wearing the infamous snake ring in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video as well as out in public on her ring finger. Regardless if you enjoy her music or not, the bad-ass appeal of her snake ring is undeniable.

The trend by no means started with her though; it has been re-emerging itself throughout history. The snake ring enjoyed the limelight in the Victorian era where it was a symbol of eternal love. Even earlier, ancient civilizations had a plethora of meanings regarding the snake such as evil, good, rebirth, poison, fertility and more. Today, the trend is hotter than ever so you will be sure to see it around for quite some time.

If you’re inspired by Swift’s snake jewelry, you can try the mysterious snake look yourself- but maybe at a more affordable price. Our stylists at Ana Luisa have got you covered for all your snake needs. Here are just a few ways you can master the snake look.

All Snake Everything

If you have a snake obsession, we recommend going all out with your look. Do as Taylor did and rock every piece of snake jewelry imaginable.…literally. She rocked snake rings, snake hoops, and snake bracelets in her music video. Pack your fists with multiple snake rings for a stacked look if you are feeling super edgy and you will be guaranteed stand out amongst the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with making a huge statement every once in a while.

Keeping it Sssimple

Ok maybe the all-snake jewelry was a bit too much for you. Don’t worry; you can always take it down a notch (or a couple) by wearing a simple snake ring. A single band snake ring will appear more put-together and minimal which is perfect for matching with any outfit. Accompany your snake ring with our Ana Luisa textured or fine rings for a chic and elegant stacked look. There is no doubt the rope-like shape of a snake is simply stunning when used as a design in jewelry.

Wrapped Snake Ring

Rings that wrap around the finger don’t only have a super cool appeal; they are also extremely fun to wear and look at. Tired of wearing understated rings? Try to spice it up with the mesmerizing design of one that spirals around your fingers. You don’t have to spend thousands to look fab like T-Swift. Slither into a wrapped snake ring and you will be sure to receive tons of compliments on your unique style. Its no wonder jewelers have long been fascinated with the design of snakes.

snake ring

Whatever the symbolism of the snake or how you wear it, we will never doubt the exotic look it adds to any outfit. Show us how you style your snake look with Ana Luisa jewelry! Check out our online jewelry shop and discover our beautiful fine jewelry collections.

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