Amethysts, moonstones, opals, garnets or others – these are all fantastic choices for a semi precious stone ring. There are over 130 gem varieties, as well as many different ring settings and shank designs. We don’t especially like math, but we like it enough to know that there are a lot of possible combinations for a semi precious stone ring. This being said, are there rules to wearing one? And, if so, what rules do apply to your ring? Read further to find out and discover how to best wear your gemstone ring.

Style guidelines for wearing a semi precious stone ring

When it comes to gemstones, there are two categories, besides the precious stones – semi precious stones & organic gemstones.  You can wear jewelry pieces with different stones but you should remember that organic gemstones (pearls, amber, coral & jet) don’t always go well together with semi precious stones.

If you want to combine your pearl ring with other gemstone jewelry, you should choose diamonds, sapphires, opals, moonstone or rose quartz. Other gemstones may clash with the pearls and create a fruit salad effect.

Your amber ring goes well with beryl, citrine, agate or jasper. Whatever you do, don’t combine your amber semi precious stone ring with blue gemstone varieties like sapphires, turquoise or aquamarine.

A coral ring will look fabulous with other gemstone jewelry such as bloodstone, carnelian, hematite or smoky quartz. Avoid wearing it with deep red gemstones such as garnets and rubies.

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Last, but not least, your jet ring will be enhanced by onyx, spinel or turquoise. Don’t wear it with jewelry that features precious gemstones, otherwise, it will clash terribly.

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If you are wearing your semi precious stone ring along with other gemstone jewelry (not organic types), then you only have to mind the color combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and try new things, but make sure there is a unifying element if you are combining more than three or four colors.

Can I wear my semi precious stone ring with statement pieces?

The short answer is yes. The long one, well, it depends. As you already know from our previous posts, we don’t recommend wearing more than two statement pieces at once. We also don’t recommend wearing a statement ring when you are also wearing a chunky cuff bracelet. However, the styling rules depend mostly on your ring’s setting.

Solitaire rings, simple bands, three-stone rings or even channel setting rings are pretty easy to match and you can even wear them with a statement bracelet. Halo rings, cluster, stacked or cocktail rings, on the other hand, are usually statement pieces and you shouldn’t combine them with chunky bracelets. You can, however, wear a statement necklace or earrings to balance the upper part of your body.

Combining different metals

Your semi precious stone ring can be gold, silver, platinum or even stainless steel and brass. There are many jewelry metals and not all of them work great together. As opposed to a common belief, you can match your silver semi precious stone ring with a gold bracelet, for example. But when you are matching different jewelry metals, you need to follow one of these two rules:

  • Combine metals with similar colors. This means you can wear silver, white gold, and platinum together, as well as rose gold with copper and yellow gold with brass.
  • Combine metals of different colors, but have one unifying element. If you are planning to wear your yellow gold ring with a silver bracelet, you also need to have an element that features either both metals or both colors.

Other than this, you can let your imagination run free and match your jewelry as you see fit.

Your semi precious stone ring & your outfits

The beauty of a ring featuring semi precious stones is that it can be both casual and formal, except for pearls. You can wear your ring with ripped jeans and a tank top, but you can also wear it with an elegant gown. And while there are no rules to matching a semi precious stone ring with certain outfit styles, you still need to pay attention to the colors, including your nail polish hue.

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A ring with a strong color gemstone will look best with a neutral manicure. This means that your garnet ring will go perfectly with your light beige nails. On the other hand, a pastel color like rose quartz needs a vivid manicure of an opposite color. Last, but not least, a cubic zirconia ring requires deep red nails.

If you want to learn more about jewelry fashion and how to best wear your pieces, read our other articles as well. Check out Ana Luisa’s fashion rings collections to discover unique designer pieces in limited editions.

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