When styling a stackable ring, just remember all the general jewelry style rules. What do we mean by that? Basically, you can just follow all the jewelry styling rules that you already know and apply them to stacking rings.

What rules are we talking about? Oh, you know them for sure. We mean jewelry styling rules like creating a focal point and following a theme when mixing metals. Trust us, you already know these by heart. All you have to do is translate them to the stackable ring. Once you are in the groove of stackable rings, you realize it is the most fun form of pairing jewelry. A stacking ring collection lets you be 100% creative because there are hardly any limitations to what you can do.

Ready to channel your inner free spirit and have fun with stackable ring styling? Read on for our favorite ways on how to style a stackable ring and learn how to wear rings.

What Is a Stackable Ring?

Technically, any ring is a stackable ring. Basically, what it means is that the ring works well for pairing several rings together.

Some designers do the work for you and release stackable ring sets. With these sets you can either wear them all together on one finger or personalize your stack by only wearing your favorites. You can also spread the stackable rings over several fingers for a cohesive look.


Some ring designs do work better than others. For example, smooth outer edges allow for more seamless stacking. For gemstone rings, high raised prongs and gemstone band rings work best. With a raised prong the gemstone does not create a gap between the rings. Similarly, a gemstone band has a smooth outer edge so there are no gaps between the rings.

However, a perfect fit for each ring is not a requirement for a stackable ring. In fact, leaving spaces between your fingers by adding midi rings is a pro move.

Don’t Forget About the Midi Rings

Midi rings are smaller ring bands that you wear higher up on the finger. A midi ring usually sits just above the knuckle but this depends on the size.

Midi rings are great for creating a stackable ring look. It lets you use up more of that prime real estate on your fingers. With midi rings your stacked look is more spread out which gives you more dimension. Midi rings influence the general vibe of your hand jewelry. Blackened silver, for example, gives the look more edge. For a more feminine feel, use rose gold or copper rings.

How about pairing midi rings with the regular sized stackable rings? That choice is up to you. Staying within the same design concept gives the hand jewelry more cohesion. Creating contrast by wearing a midi ring that is completely different from the other stacking rings is a cool surprise factor. There are no set rules for this.

Mix Metals, Sizes and Gemstones for a Boho Chic Look

We love getting adventurous with our jewelry choices by mixing different kinds of styles. The great thing about a stackable ring is that it pretty much works with everything. This gives you so much freedom in playing around with different metals, thicker or thinner bands and lots of gemstones.

Let you inner wild child loose when putting together a mixed stacked rings look. The only rule that applies here is having a few elements return in the different pieces. For example, two common colors or a specific aesthetic like geometric shapes or vintage pieces. All you need is one common element for the stacked rings to work.

Stick to One Metal for a Refined Look

We think that women don’t wear stacked rings enough. A stackable ring is not just for a casual day or a festival look. We see no reason why you cannot use a stackable ring for an office look or a formal dinner.

The trick to making stacked rings look more refined is sticking to one kind of metal. This makes the hand jewelry seem more like a set. A single dominant color is more calming to look at than mixed metals.

You can also make it look more polished by stacking rings on fewer fingers. This creates clear focal points and makes it less overwhelming. We suggest stacking rings on two fingers and balancing it with a single ring on a third finger.

Create Cohesion with Other Jewelry

Stacked rings are still part of the entire jewelry look. Make sure there is cohesion between the style on your fingers and the other jewelry pieces you are wearing.

Either make your fingers the focal point by keeping the other jewelry to a minimum or go bold and wear layered necklaces and bracelets, too.

The great part of a stackable ring is that you can try it with any look, whether elegant, business-formal or casual. All that you have to keep in mind is to maintain cohesion by choosing your other pieces carefully. If you enjoyed these styling tips and are looking for more fabulous inspiration, check out the rest of our articles as well. We publish daily content and, if you stick with us, you will become a jewelry expert in no time. To view our unique stacking rings collection and discover more fabulous jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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