Wearing a moonstone ring feels magical. Just the color of this semi-precious stone makes it look like something created by fairies. If you are into gemstones and their healing properties then this is definitely a piece to add to your collection. Do too many colors seem busy to you but you love gemstone jewelry? Take moonstone as your stepping stone into the trend. And when it comes to finding out how to wear rings, the moonstone one is the first to try. It is subtle yet eye-catching, meaningful and easy to style. Read on to discover more about this stone’s magic and how to style a moonstone ring.

What Is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a semi-precious stone with a milky color. The more iridescent the moonstone, the more colorful it is with hues of blue, purple, pink, gray and even gold.

The mineral composition of a moonstone is what gives the stone its colors. Bear with us while we use a few difficult words. Moonstone is a feldspar mineral with layers of albite and orthoclase. You don’t need to know much more than the fact that these alternating layers is what causes the play of light and color in moonstone. This play of color and light is called the adularesence of the stone.

There are two rare and special examples of adularesence in moonstones. These are the cat’s eye effect and asterism. When a moonstone is said to have a cat’s eye then there is an unbroken line of color that goes all the way around the stone. Asterism is when the inclusions in the stone create a star pattern which can change with the angle of light.

Inclusions in semi-precious stones often indicate a lower quality but this is not the case for moonstone. These inclusions are a tell-tale sign that your moonstone ring is the real deal and not a synthetic.

What Is the Legend Behind Moonstone?

There are a lot of magical properties associated with moonstone. Moonstone has been a talisman for centuries and a part of Ayurvedic practices, even today.

Moonstone is associated with a feminine healing energy. It is said to balance energies and stabilize emotions which is why a person struggling with emotional issues might gravitate towards a moonstone ring. Moonstone also builds stronger romantic relationships which is why it is gaining popularity in engagement rings.

Moonstone is also called the traveler’s stone because it is supposed to protect the wearer at night. Some also say that the gemstone will encourage lucid dreaming and prevent bad dreams.

How to Style a Moonstone Ring

With all these beautiful properties, you’ll be bringing in positive vibes by wearing a moonstone ring. It is the true girl power gemstone.

Moonstone has a very subtle coloring so we recommend a metal that will create a strong contrast. Consider a moonstone ring that is yellow gold or gold plated. This offsets the whiteness in a moonstone. A rose gold also colors nicely with a moonstone that has pink or gray hues. If you are lucky enough to have found a moonstone with a strong blue adularesence then we recommend setting it in a white gold or rhodium plated silver ring.

The soft glow of moonstone lets you pair it with any colors in your outfit. We like seeing darker colors with a cool colored moonstone ring. A gold moonstone ring will complement lighter shades and warm colors.

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Since a moonstone ring is a more muted jewelry piece, pair it with jewelry pieces without gemstones or choose clear stones. Give the moonstone the chance to grab the attention it deserves.

You can layer the ring with thin simple bands to create a focal point. Enamel bracelets complement the milky color of the moonstone. For a vintage romantic look you can pair your ring with a lace choker and diamond studs.

How to Care for Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is not a hard stone so it is prone to chip. Take care of your moonstone ring by choosing a setting that is very secure and offers more protection from banging and scratches. You can even ask your jeweler for a protective layer.

Once in a while you should gently clean your ring. Don’t use any chemical cleaners and don’t get it steam-cleaned. A moist cloth dipped in mild soapy water is enough to bring back the shine of your moonstone ring.

Have you fallen in love with this magical gemstone yet? We sure feel inspired by its strong feminine presence and subtle beauty. Meaningful jewelry makes you feel special while wearing it. If you would like to learn more about semi-precious stones and precious stones then browse through our other articles. We also have more tips on rings ready for you to read.

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