Bright colored gemstone jewelry like a lapis lazuli ring is right on trend. Piling on the gemstone rings is how you bring more color into your life this season if you know how to style rings. Now, we could go on and on about diamonds, rubies, pearls, and other precious stones. We love them, too. But the lesser known semi-precious stones are just as beautiful and deserve some attention. These are the rocks that will make your jewelry pieces stand out from the crowd. In that spirit, keep reading to find all you need to know about the other blue gemstone, lapis lazuli.

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone that consists of three main minerals. These minerals are lazurite, calcite, and pyrite. Lazurite is what gives the stone its beautiful blue. The signature gold specks in lapis lazuli come from pyrite. The calcite creates white lines and specks. The different ratios of these three minerals are what makes each stone unique.

What Is the Meaning Behind Lapis Lazuli?

Many cultures associate lapis lazuli with wisdom and truth. It is a very mystical stone, perhaps inspired by its coloring.

A lapis lazuli ring that has vivid gold specks draws wealth and prosperity to the wearer. The relationship to wealth and prosperity is what makes it a popular stone in Feng Shui. A deep blue lapis piece is thought to expose the truth to the wearer. This should bring about better decision-making and calm.

In Hindu culture, lapis lazuli is connected to the all-seeing eye or third chakra. Again, a reference to wisdom and truth.

Ayurvedic practices recommend wearing a lapis lazuli necklace. This is because the stone is thought to heal the throat and larynx.

How to Style a Lapis Lazuli Ring

Each lapis lazuli ring is unique because no two rings will have the same coloring and pattern of specks. You could even wear several lapis rings to accentuate that they are one-of-a-kind.

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Wear a lapis lazuli ring on the middle finger of the most dominant hand. This position is the best way to bring out the healing properties of this mystical stone. Of course, it is up to you whether you want to join in on the custom.

A lapis lazuli ring looks best against a light canvas of silver or white gold. The icy color of the metal brings out the vivid dark blue of the stone. Let a lapis lazuli ring with gold specks shine even brighter by wearing the light colored ring with otherwise yellow gold jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli & Other Gemstones

We love how the deep blue complements other lighter colored gemstones like rose quartz, citrine, and even diamonds. Have fun with pairing different semi-precious stones. You don’t have to worry about any colors clashing, this season.

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Since a lapis lazuli ring has such a deep color, we recommend pairing it with lighter colored clothing, too. This keeps your look young and fresh. Whites especially will nicely contrast the blue and gold. You might want to wear the ring to the office with your white button down to channel its wisdom related properties.

A lapis lazuli ring also complements flowing and floral clothing. Mixing more relaxed clothing with the strong blue creates a feminine look. Try a boho top with puffy sleeves or a floral halter top.

We also like neon colors with this gemstone. The bright colors are a nice contrast to the lapis lazuli. This looks extra fab if you have a lapis lazuli piece with prominent gold specks. You can create a nineties vibe (yes, the nineties are back) with a neon mini skirt and a graphic tee.

How to Care for Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Similar to moonstone, lapis lazuli isn’t the strongest material. Your lapis lazuli ring will chip and scratch if you’re not careful. Avoid scratches and dents by storing your ring on a soft surface.

This gemstone should be kept out of contact with chemicals, even with chemicals for cleaning jewelry pieces. A soft cloth dipped in warm water is all you need to keep the ring clean. Even the bristles of a toothbrush might be a bit too harsh on your lapis lazuli ring.

Keep the stone safe from the chemicals inside your makeup products, perfumes, and other sprays, too. These chemicals can seep into the pores of the stone and cause damage.

There you go, all you need to know about this mystical gemstone and how to wear it on your fingers. Lapis lazuli is a unique stone that stands out from its counterparts because of its mix of colors. It is the ideal gemstone for layering with other pretty rocks. For more gemstone rings and how to style them, keep reading through our articles. You are bound to find the stone that best suits your style.

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