Pearl rings are elegant, beautiful and have a specific luster. There are many styles of pearl rings and some work even for casual occasions while others don’t. While the pearl ring is a classic jewelry piece which any woman should have, it also comes with its own fashion rules. In this article, you will find out how to wear your pearl rings depending on their style. You will also get inspirational advice on how to accessorize them and match them to the occasion. Read further to find out everything you need to know about pearl rings.

Pearl rings according to their styles

You may have more than one pearl ring in your jewelry box in which case you will notice they may have different styles. There are many ring settings, but, the most common pearl ring styles are the following:

  1. The pearl solitaire ring

pearl rings

These pearl rings are subtle and elegant. They feature a single pearl in a solitaire setting, usually on a gold, silver or platinum band. Some ring styles feature bands with intricate designs but, usually, a solitaire pearl ring has a simple band. This type of ring is ideal for both romantic occasions, as well as work and business meetings. A solitaire pearl ring is also a great choice for an engagement ring.

When you are wearing this type of ring, match it with stud pearl earrings and a simple bracelet. Some women prefer to also have a pearl pendant, but we don’t usually recommend matching your jewelry to the tiniest detail.

  1. The pearl cocktail ring

This type of statement ring is ideal when you want to grab the attention and be very elegant. Pearl rings in cocktail styles are glamorous and feature large pearls surrounded by other gemstones, such as diamonds. Another style of cocktail pearl ring is the one which features a cluster of small pearls. This type of ring is great to wear to a formal occasion or even a night out with your friends.

pearl rings

To accessorize a pearl cocktail ring you also need a pair of statement earring, either with pearls, diamonds or clear crystals. You probably shouldn’t be wearing a bracelet, but a subtle necklace will be fine.

  1. Multiple-pearl rings

These rings differ from the cocktail ones because they are more subtle. Usually, with this style of pearl rings, you get a line of three or four pearls. You can also have a ring which alternates pearls with other gemstones.

pearl rings

Because multiple-pearl rings are more subtle than cocktail rings, they are also more versatile. You can wear your favorite jewelry with them, but make sure to lay low on the gemstone side. Pearls don’t match all the gemstones so, if you want to play it safe, just wear simple jewelry.

Pearl rings according to the type of pearls

As you may know, there are several types of pearls. Most of the pearls you find on the market are cultured pearls. This means that nobody finds them by accident in the sea, but they are grown inside oyster farms. They are still real pearls and still have the same qualities as wild pearls. The only difference is that they grow in a controlled environment. Now that we’ve established that, there are four types of pearls you can have on your ring.

  1. Freshwater pearls

Pearl rings with freshwater pearls may differ in color. These pearls have the widest range of colors, from white to beautiful pastels like rose, cream or ivory. They can be perfectly round or free-shape baroque. These pearls are relatively small, so a ring with freshwater pearls is ideal to wear during the day.

A freshwater pearls ring is the most versatile type of pearl rings and it’s also quite easy to match depending on the color of the pearls.

  1. Ayoka pearls

Ayoka pearls are the smallest variety of pearls, but they are elegant and feminine. They are usually white or cream and perfectly round. An Ayoka pearls ring is a classic choice ideal for everyday wear. When it comes to pearl rings, they usually feature more Ayoka pearls, but you can also find solitaire ones.

  1. Tahiti pearls

These pearls are the only ones naturally dark. They can be grey, dark green or blue, soft brown or even purple. They can reach up to 21 mm in size and are great to wear on formal occasions. Pearl rings with Tahiti pearls are less versatile than the ones with freshwater pearls, but they are vibrant and elegant. You can match them with similarly colored gemstone jewelry, such as onyx.

  1. South Sea pearls

These pearls are large, luminous and have a satin luster. Their color ranges from white to a creamy beautiful golden. A ring with South Sea pearls is the most elegant type of ring. Wear it to formal occasions and match it with other pearl jewelry.

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