We dedicate this article to the colored gemstone ring. Any colored gemstone ring, in fact. Often overlooked, this fab jewelry piece can always bring that playful edge to your outfit. And since this season is full of color, it is time for you to find out which colored gemstone ring is perfect for you. Read on to discover your gemstone color according to your style and personality and learn how to wear rings.

Only one colored gemstone ring?

Of course not. You can have a multitude of colorful rings to match your other jewelry and outfits. However, we all have that favorite color that represents us and end up wearing a certain ring more often. In case you are just starting to add color to your jewelry collection, it’s a good idea to get a colored gemstone ring that will work with your other jewelry as well as favorite clothes. So think of this article as a guide to help you choose the ideal colored gemstone ring for you. After that, you can complete your jewelry collection with other colorful rings and even stack them to create a layered look. This being said, let’s see which colored gemstone ring is the perfect one for you.

Deep Blue Colored Gemstone Ring

You are confident, elegant and love to dress in sharp suits, midi wrap dresses and cashmere sweaters. You wouldn’t say no to a touch of color, but that color needs to represent your style and personality. This is why we believe s deep blue gemstone ring is exactly what you need for styling your gold jewelry and pearl earrings, as well as those velvet dresses and blazers that you own.

Wear your deep blue gemstone colored ring on your middle finger and let it take the center stage. Pair the ring with crystal studs or even pearl drop earrings and a dainty gold necklace. You can wear clothes in neutral colors that act like a canvass for your jewelry. You can also swap the pearl drop earrings for earrings featuring deep blue gemstones and go monochrome to complete your elegant look.

Olive Green Colored Gemstone Ring

If you love nature-inspired jewelry, spend a lot of time outdoors and your friends know you as the one to always smile and be excited about the future, then an olive green colored gemstone ring is what you need. After all, what will look better with your delicate flower earrings than an olive green ring?

Make a statement of it and wear your ring on your index finger. Stack a couple of bracelets, including a charm bracelet inspired by nature and go for a pair of sage drop earrings. Keep true to your bohemian self by wearing a maxi skirt in natural colors and a crop top.

Champagne Colored Gemstone Ring

You love luxury, furs and have a refined taste. You always look as if you had just come out of a Vogue cover and your friends turn to you for advice whenever they want to make a statement. A champagne colored gemstone ring will complete your jewelry collection and look beautifully on your finger.

Wear it on your ring finger and bring back its beautiful color into the rest of your outfit by wearing a pair of champagne diamond studs. A thin gold collar necklace will complete your look. As for your clothes, you need to wear a midi pencil skirt, a silk blouse and a pair of pumps to go with them.

Rose Pink Colored Gemstone Ring

Feminine, playful and charming, you love wearing chiffon, flowery dresses and adding an unexpected vibe to your outfit. This is why a rose pink colored gemstone ring must not miss from your jewelry box.

It will look fabulous with your rose gold linear drop earrings and your rose friendship bracelet. Tie up your look by choosing suede sandals, a jeans jacket and a print dress.

Opal White Colored Gemstone Ring

You prefer the cool vibe of clear or black & white gemstone to colorful jewelry. This also reflects in your clothes as you will always choose a solid color off-white top over a print tee. An opal white colored gemstone ring will fit right in with your style.

Wear it with your beige A-line dress, silver flat shoes and a pair of moonstone earrings to achieve a fashionable look. You can also add an onyx ring to feature your black & white signature vibe.

Amethyst Purple Colored Gemstone Ring

It’s no wonder the amethyst was the royal gemstone hundreds of years ago. With its fascinating color, an amethyst purple colored gemstone ring will fit right in with your powerful style. Those jaw-dropping formal gowns in dark colors, jewel shoes and clutches need this jewelry piece.

Wear your purple ring on your little finger like a true monarch and don’t forget your stunning wide hat at home. A solid color midi dress and a jewelry clutch with complete your look and give “fabulous” a new meaning.

If you enjoyed discovering your colored gemstone ring, check out the rest of our other articles as well. We publish daily content that will help you become a jewelry expert and have an impeccable style. If you want to see any of the creations featured in this article and discover more unique colorful rings, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and have fun browsing through our collections.


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