A sterling silver ring is one of those jewelry pieces that you put on without even thinking about it. They are so versatile, that even a sterling silver ring with a specific design that is your signature style becomes easy to pair with other jewelry.

Oh, you don’t feel like you have a signature style? Of course, you do! We all have a jewelry style and fashion sense that is unique to us. Maybe you are just not aware of it yet but we assure you that your jewelry has characteristic design elements. Are you imagining your jewelry box all laid out? Perfect, that is how we start!

Let us guide you through different sterling silver ring styles. Admittedly, we cannot cover every single style but you will get the gist. After all, we cannot command your jewelry style. You have to follow your own aesthetic when it comes to a sterling silver ring. Here we go! Read on to find out the best sterling silver ring design for your style and learn how to wear rings.

For the Androgynous and Edgy Ones: The Chunky Sterling Silver Ring

A sterling silver ring might sound delicate and soft to the ears but not all designs are like that. Sterling silver works great for chunky jewelry too, especially rings.

We often see those rocking an androgynous vibe with chunky rings like a signet ring or oxidized silver rings. Feeling these feels? Then follow suit.

A sterling silver signet ring is especially cool since many women choose a gold signet ring over the cooler color. This just proves that you are not scared of taking risks. Though, this is not much of a risk TBH. Sterling silver signet rings are bad ass. Period.

Don’t like the traditional style of a signet ring but like a tough piece of jewelry? Look for an oxidized sterling silver ring with a broad band. The broader band allows for more design details while still being minimal. You can also look for a large solid ring but with a non-traditional shape. For example, a horseshoe, Capricorn head or an abstract design that looks like a shield.

For the Feminine Classic Look: Gemstone Silver Rings

The cool color of sterling silver is a better backdrop for gemstones with soft colors like pink pearls, amber, carnelian and peridot. A multicolored stone like watermelon tourmaline or opal also comes out brighter against silver.

For this jewelry style we like birthstones on a silver ring. Like we said, a sterling silver ring style says a lot about yourself. This is why we like seeing a personalized piece.

A gemstone silver ring also pairs well with classic feminine bracelets like a tennis bracelet and charm bracelet. The silver color is soft enough to not clash with the bracelet, even when it has a brightly colored gemstone.

Go for a delicate ring with a raised setting. This emphasizes that the gemstone is the true star of the piece. A raised setting also makes stacking rings easier. So, if you want more bling on your fingers you can do just that.

Not into birthstones? Then make your decision by color. What are the most common colors in your wardrobe and which gemstone colors go well with that? Creams and neutrals pair well with pink pearls and turquoise. Dark basic colors benefit from the shine of lapis lazuli and clear crystals. A closet with all the colors of the rainbow needs a classic precious stone like rubies and jade.

For the Hot on Trend Fashionista: Stackable Silver Rings

Does your style change with the seasons? Are you never scared of trying out something daring? Then don’t hold yourself back with a single sterling silver ring. You honey, need a whole stack of them.

A stackable sterling silver ring is perfect for anyone that likes experimenting with their style. You can take rings off, add other pieces or put them into new combinations. You will always find a way for the stackable rings to match the OOTD.

What kind of sterling silver ring has the highest stackable factor? Cover all your bases and shop for a variety of silver stacking rings. This gives you the most creative freedom. Try having at least one of each of the following;

  • simple sterling silver ring
  • textured band ring
  • oxidized silver
  • sterling silver ring with clear crystals
  • Midi ring

These five sterling silver ring designs are the basic pieces for a stackable ring collection. When you can, buy two of each so you can mirror a stack of rings on the opposite hands.

Also, having several rings of the same design lets you create a balanced stack. Have one statement sterling silver ring in the middle of the stack and mirror the pieces below and above it. This is a trick for stacking rings while still looking polished.

A sterling silver ring is a versatile jewelry piece that you can even pair with gold jewelry. Forget what you know about silver and gold and get creative instead. Want to find out how? The check out the rest of our other articles as well and discover amazing styling inspiration. If you want to get any of the pieces featured in this article and discover more unique silver rings, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and discover our fabulous jewelry collections.

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