You have probably heard of the dome ring by now and, if not, now is the perfect chance to read about it. Sleek, beautiful and with a futuristic vibe, the dome ring is a gorgeous jewelry piece. We have already fallen in love with it and now is the time for you to get to know it too. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the dome ring and learn how to wear rings.

What is a dome ring?

If we were to place this style of ring in a category, it would comfortably sit next to cocktail and signet rings. A dome ring is an all-metal ring with a chunky band and a dome design. It has a very polished feel and shines beautifully from your finger. As opposed to the signet ring where you can clearly see the signet part elevated from the band, with the dome ring you get a seamless design. Also, while a signet ring has an antique look and a vintage texture, the dome ring is as futuristic as they get with its flashy polished surface and smooth lines.

For those of you who love minimal pieces, the dome ring may be the answer you are looking for. Yes, it is a chunky ring, but also minimal because it doesn’t feature any gemstone or pattern.

When can you wear a dome ring?

Usually, statement rings are the ones you wear to formal events, cocktail parties or clubbing nights. But a dome ring is still a fabulous statement ring and the best part is that you can even wear it to work. Read further to get some inspirational ideas on where and how to wear this gorgeous jewelry piece.

If you have a busy day ahead of you at the office, then you need to meet it with style. Wear your silver dome ring along with a pair of crystal studs. Leave your other jewelry at home and put on your sharp white suit. As you want your ring to catch attention, wear a white blouse as well and a pair of silver pumps to tie up your look. Don’t forget about your red lipstick and you are ready to rock another day at the office.

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For a night out with the girls, go for a fab gold dome ring, a pair of oversized hoops and a black sequin dress. Wear shoes in a muted color and choose a gold clutch to complement your ring. Let your hair down metaphorically and not-so-metaphorically speaking so your gold hoops can peak through the hair strands and create a beautiful impression.

And what about those days when you just want to go you’re your favorite tee and jeans look? Luckily for you, a dome ring is versatile enough to let you pull off this look. Simply stack your gold or silver dome ring with other rings to create a finger party. Stack up to three or four rings and wear a dainty necklace with a gemstone pendant. You don’t need any rings or bracelets, but you can wear an anklet with your favorite sneakers.

The dome ring: gold or silver?

A gold dome ring looks very glamorous and works great with cashmere, silk and other precious textiles. It also looks fabulous with prints and with gemstone jewelry in cool tones. A silver dome ring has a unique futuristic look and is perfect with clean lines, muted colors and sharp angles. You can wear it with other gemstone jewelry in warm tones to create a contrasting look. So which one should you get?

To answer this, you need to take a look through your jewelry box. Think about which other pieces would look great with a dome ring and note their material. After all, you want to be able to accessorize your ring easily, don’t you? Another great idea would be to get both silver and gold. This way you can always make sure that you can style the ring properly and can even go for a silver & gold look. Yes, wear both rings at the same time and find some middle ground with a braided bracelet that features both silver and gold. Rocking the silver & gold look has never been so easy.

On which finger should you wear your dome ring?

If you are going to a party, get glamorous by wearing the ring on your thumb. As far as statements go, there’s no better finger for such a ring if you want to make a splash. For a workday, keep your ring on your index finger as it will show power and determination. It will also be easier for your colleagues to follow your finger as you point to graphics on the chart in the presentation room. For a more formal event like a cocktail party or even a gala, we advise you to wear the dome ring on either your middle finger or your ring finger. It will look classy and elegant. Last, but not least, for your jeans and tee look, wear your ring on the little finger. This way you get a playful unconventional vibe to go with your look.

As you can see, there is plenty to know about the dome ring. We bet you want to get one now, so head out to Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our unique designer rings collection to get the perfect dome ring.

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