Stunning jewelry with less impact on the planet

Gorgeous, made-to-last, and sustainable—this is Ana Luisa jewelry. A fresh jewelry brand that focuses on crafting fairly-priced staples, no “guilt tag” attached. With Ana Luisa, you’re able to buy your favorite pieces and wear them knowing that you’re helping a conscious brand change the jewelry-making landscape. In short, we stand for accessible luxury crafted with the planet in mind.

Founded in 2018 by Adam Bohbot and David Benayoun, Ana Luisa is a brand set to question the way jewelry is created. And, in only four years, they managed to do just that. Ana Luisa is now carbon, water & Climate Neutral Certified—all while offering beautiful designs at affordable prices.


500+ designs | 25,000+ 5-star reviews 

From pearl earrings to layered necklaces & beyond—no matter your personal style, you’ll always find something special. The icing on the cake: each piece represents a more sustainable, green future. Every purchase is a vote for a new and better way of crafting jewelry. In getting a pendant necklace or a pair of everyday hoops, you’re telling the world that you enjoy high-quality, guilt-free jewelry


Jewelry crafted from recycled gold & silver, starting at $39

Circularity is key to a more sustainable future. Ana Luisa breathes life into old jewelry and, at the same time, saves precious metals that our planet needs. Whenever they can, they craft their gold-dipped staples with recycled base metals such as sterling silver, then finished in a thick 14K gold layer that doesn’t wear off. 


Climate-neutral jewelry for conscious fashion

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the annual global carbon emissions. With that in mind, Ana Luisa set out to achieve carbon, water, and climate neutrality. In 2020, the brand became carbon neutral by counterbalancing its CO₂ footprint for a net-zero output. At the beginning of 2021, Ana Luisa managed to become water-neutral as well and helped restore 2.5 million gallons of water since then. As a response to their tireless sustainability efforts, Ana Luisa finally received Climate Neutral’s seal of approval.

Ana Luisa’s jewelry is eye-catching but, when it comes to carbon and water, their pieces are invisible. This has always been their goal—striking designs that don’t come at our planet’s expense.


Ethically-sourced gemstones & lab-grown diamonds

Ana Luisa uses traceable, cruelty-free lab-grown diamonds that have the same brilliance as mined ones. When it comes to their pearl designs, they use cultured freshwater pearls that are carefully selected for their soft luster and unique glow. So their jewelry is made the right way—ethically made and ethically sourced


Support the brand that supports your future

If you’re looking to get a new piece, buy one that comes with a set of strong values. Buy the jewelry that our planet doesn’t pay for and encourage others to do so as well. Together we can change the jewelry-making landscape and re-shape our future.


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