Spring jewelry trends in 2019 are a bold evolution of the last winter runways. The hottest trends are now amped up to welcome the warmer weather. Think back to last season’s runways and multiply the best parts by ten. Think bigger coin jewelry, heavier necklaces, brightly colored sea shells and lots of love for heart pendants.

Already making space in your jewelry box? These are the pieces that you can’t miss having in your jewelry collection, this spring. Read on for the ultimate spring style inspiration and to learn how to buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry.

Lock Down the Spring Jewelry Trends with Cuffs

Cuff jewelry is holding its own this spring. Cuff bracelets are still very popular but this is no longer the only type of jewelry with this cool design. We also see the cuff design in necklaces and earrings, this season.

The cuff necklace is basically an open choker. The designs are edgy with thicker bands of metals like copper, stainless steel and gold. The style is minimalist with an overload of cool chick vibes.

Cuff earrings are like armor. They wrap all around your ears, from the lobe to the helix. Think of cuff earrings as a creeper earring demanding more of your prime jewelry real estate. Channel the feeling of armor by choosing pairs in silver metals and dark gemstones like onyx.

The cuff bracelet itself is also popular for spring jewelry. Raise the bar by wearing your cuff bracelet higher up on your arm. The hottest designs this spring have a big gemstone as their focus point with thinner bands holding it together.

Feel Rich Wearing Coin Jewelry

Last winter’s layered coin necklaces are the precursor to the current spring jewelry trend. Coins are hanging off every piece of jewelry, now. From long dangling earrings to charms on chunky chain bracelets, coins are making noise on the runways.

coin necklace

This season’s coin jewelry is louder than the cute pendants of last season. Expect bigger coins stacked over each other and dense collections of smaller coins. Another change is the switch to solid gold. Where the first coin necklaces combine enamel and carved vintage coins, the newer jewelry pieces feature gold plated coins with an interesting texture.

Show Your Love with a Heart Pendant

Heart pendants are making a comeback in spring jewelry. New designs are a sleek update of the classic necklace style. Think gold dipped pendants in simple designs. The pendants that do feature a pop of color are still minimalist and chic, for example with a small enamel detail.

heart necklace

Today’s heart pendants are nothing like the necklaces from the 2000s and our teenage years. The secret is keeping your entire look streamlined. Monochromatic outfits and body hugging dresses work magic in keeping the look contemporary. Feel like you can rock the vintage look? Then dare to wear more flirty clothing like flowy dresses and patterns with your heart pendant.

Continue with Chunky Chains in Your Spring Jewelry

Chunky chain necklaces is a trend we are already familiar with. So, if you are not on the bandwagon yet, this is your essential spring jewelry purchase. Find a necklace that keeps things simple, read: gold or silver without any frills. Big chains are enough of a statement piece on their own. Don’t add any pendants or bold color combinations with this jewelry trend. If you can’t help but do things a little differently, choose a necklace with asymmetrical chain sizes.

boston jewelers


Just like the necklace, keep your outfit simple. Let the chain be the star of your look. Wearing a turtleneck draws attention to your face and upper chest. Keep the turtleneck look monochromatic to make the chunky chain look chic. Want to bring out the wilder side of you with spring jewelry? Wear an oversized graphic tee, mom jeans and classic white sneakers for the ultimate 90s feel.

Get Inspired by the Sea of Earrings

Spring jewelry is inspired by the sea in 2019. Non-classic pearls and colorful sea shells are the most wanted earrings this spring. For earrings goes, the bigger, the better. Have sea shells and pearls dangle down to your shoulders for an easy breezy stylish look. Choosing earrings with layered pearls or sea shells is another way to give this feminine style a bold twist.

Keep your pearl earrings modern. Look for asymmetry, fresh pearl hoops and baroque pearls. Another way to veer away from the vintage look is by sticking to one piece of pearl jewelry. Find the perfect pearl earrings and let this be your single pearl piece.

pearl drop earrings

Spring jewelry sea shells is nature on steroids. Expect brightly colored shells, shells with gemstones and larger than life earrings. Don’t be afraid to stack different kinds of shells.

The bottom line is that spring is daring this year. And so are you. Do things your way and have fun styling your new jewelry. If you want to discover more inspiration advice, read our other articles as well. You will find plenty of useful advice that will help you rock any look. To see any of the creations featured in this article, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out or unique NYC jewelry collections. We feature creative designs that you won’t find elsewhere. Fair warning, though. There is a high possibility that you will become addicted to Ana Luisa jewelry.

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