The right bracelet style will speak about your personality. If bracelets are the jewelry pieces that you tend to overlook then maybe you just haven’t found the right style for you. Here is our guide on the most popular bracelet designs to think of when buying different types of bracelets. Find out which style is the best match for your personality and fashion sense.

The Classic Tennis Bracelet Style

One of our top picks for your jewelry collection is a tennis bracelet. Although this piece has a specific design, it is easily adjusted to suit your personal taste.

A tennis bracelet is a flexible string of symmetrical gemstones, usually diamonds. The design gained popularity when Chris Evert’s stopped her US Open game to look for her bracelet that had come off.

A tennis bracelet is a classic design that fits seamlessly with a chic aesthetic. If diamonds are too glam for you then you can switch them out with other gemstones. Colorful women might want to have a tennis bracelet with a colored gemstone like amethyst, instead.

Off the Cuff Style

A cuff bracelet is an edgier bracelet style. A cuff bracelet is a single band without a clasp. Instead, the cuff bracelet has a gap which is then tightened or loosened to best fit your wrist.

cuff bracelet

A cuff bracelet has to be strong enough to handle the bending of opening and closing the gap. This is why these bracelets are usually a sturdier and with a wider design.

You can take the strong design of a cuff bracelet as a symbol for your own personality. If you are the type that doesn’t shy away from anything, then a cuff bracelet complements you.

This style also fits well with androgynous fashion or ethnic inspired clothing.

Banging Bangles

Bangles are the most fun bracelet you can wear. There is something about the clinking sound that just makes us happy. This is a bracelet style that suits the outgoing personalities.

A bangle is a solid circular bracelet without any clasps that you can slip over your hand. Since the size of a bangle is not adjustable, you need to find the right size for your wrist from the very start. If you’ve seen a Bollywood movie then you’ve likely seen the women wearing bangles.

eye amulet bracelet

If you love to layer, then bangles are the bracelets for you. You can play around with materials and colors. Put together a mix of detailed bangles with more simple bangles to create texture. You are free to mix metals, gemstones or designs. Just remember to have one common thread run through each bangle.

The Charm Bracelet for Collectors

Are you the kind that likes to keep a memento from the special moments and people in your life? Then a charm bracelet is the bracelet style for you.

Charm bracelets are chain bracelets that can have charms added to them. These charms are either strung along the chain or attached to the bracelet with a small hook.

onyx bracelet

Charm bracelets are cute and pretty. Women adore the romantic and feminine style of charm bracelets and how they can be personalized. The charms can tell the story of your life which makes this a very meaningful jewelry piece.

Charm bracelets have the greatest impact on casual clothing. This lets all the different elements of the bracelet stand out.

Personalized Tag Bracelets

Jewelry pieces are a very personal choice which is why personalized jewelry is so popular. A personalized tag bracelet is a perfect choice for someone that wants their jewelry to carry meaning.

A tag bracelet is usually a chain bracelet with a solid plate. The solid plate is where the personalized message or meaningful symbols is engraved. Tag bracelets are a common medical ID, as well.

A tag bracelet style can fit any look because it is so simple to personalize them. You can engrave the plate with something that identifies you as an inspirational quote. You can also engrave the plate with a reference to a special occasion like your wedding anniversary.

A Cool Bracelet Style in One Multi-Strand Bracelet

A multi-strand bracelet is an intricate bracelet style and reminds you of the jewelry styles in ancient periods. It works beautifully for a boho chic look but also for the ones that want to look glam.

A multi-strand bracelet consists of several strands joined together with a single clasp. This bracelet style can be delicate when made from a solid gold ball chain or fun and flirty when combined with beads.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to find the perfect bracelet for you. Are you still unsure which bracelet style best fits your personality and aesthetic? Then read through our other articles dedicated to bracelets. Don’t worry, we will guide you to find your favorite bracelet style.

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