A friendship bracelet isn’t just for middle school kids. You and your best friend that have known each other since the middle school can also wear this sweet jewelry piece. You know, until you are both ready to commit to that friendship tattoo. For some that would be forever. Want to know more about friendship bracelet styles? Trying to decide which types of bracelets to buy for you and your friend? Keep reading for inspiration on the best stylish gift you can give your best friend.

What is a Friendship Bracelet?

A friendship bracelet is a bracelet that is worn by two or more people to symbolize their strong friendship. Because a friendship bracelet is a token of a bond, there is also a correlation in the design.

The most common friendship bracelet style is a macrame in several colors. This is probably the one that you wore as a kid, too. Today, however, there are many more friendship bracelet designs out there. So, go ahead and start browsing for the friendship bracelets that best match your styles.

The Meaning of a Friendship Bracelet

The friendship bracelet became a trend in the seventies but have been around for much longer than that. The multicolored macrame that characterizes traditional friendship bracelets comes from the Navajo tribe. Similar handicrafts have also been found in the old Chinese dynasties and 13th-century Arab cultures.

For the Native American tribes, a friendship bracelet carries great meaning. The colors are chosen to represent the friend. Traditionally, a friendship bracelet is meant to be worn constantly until it comes loose by itself. It is believed that a bracelet that is removed before it comes loose naturally is a sign that the friendship has ended.

When presenting the friendship bracelet, it has to be tied by the friend to signify their bond. The recipient can make a wish while the giver puts the bracelet on their wrist. If the wearer doesn’t remove the bracelet until it comes loose, then the wish will come true. Isn’t that a beautiful belief to share with your best friend?

Why You and Your Bestie Need a Friendship Bracelet

A friendship bracelet carries beautiful meaning. Of course, you want all her wishes to come through and you’ll be right by her side to support her dreams.

As we grow up and settle into our adult lives, some of us lose touch with those that used to be closest to us. If you and your best friend move to different cities or are simply too busy to meet up as often as you want to, a friendship bracelet is a sweet reminder of your bond.

Or, if you and your bestie are still attached at the hip, why not celebrate this achievement with a friendship bracelet? A friendship bracelet makes for a thoughtful birthday gift.

How to Choose the Right Friendship Bracelet

Show your best friend how much you care by picking out a pair of bracelets that really show both your styles. You can choose a pair that is identical because you basically have the same style anyway. Or, choose a friendship bracelet with the same design but in a different color or metal to give it some personal style. You can also skip the part where you try to look alike and only look for a single common element. A friendship bracelet is about the meaning it carries and less about matching each other.

When choosing the friendship bracelet, think about the durability of the design. If this is a jewelry piece that you will both wear every day, because it’s about friendship and daily kind gestures, then the materials need to be durable. A thin metal chain will work best. Consider investing in a gold bracelet or opt for a sterling silver friendship bracelet.

The functionality of the design is important too. A charm bracelet is absolutely cute but not the most practical design. Charms can scratch from banging into hard surfaces, get bitten by your dog or simply fall off if you’re not careful. Choosing a friendship bracelet in a solid design is a safer bet. Consider a cuff bracelet that you can engrave, for example. Alternatively, a metal chain bracelet with a braided design is a very nice idea.

The Best Friendship Bracelet by Ana Luisa

friendship bracelet

Are you aching to go and give your best friend a hug? Go ahead and do so in a minute because you have almost read through this article. When you see your friend, don’t forget to remind her how much you value your friendship. Then, go shopping for a bracelet that you both love. Hurray, shopping with your bestie! Would you rather have a necklace than a friendship bracelet? Have a read through our other articles on necklace styles and materials to find inspiration for your friendship necklace.

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