Summer bracelets are jewelry pieces that look great in the summer. They are comfortable, classy and fun, matching this season’s unique opportunities. You can wear summer bracelets on the beach, to a cocktail party or even to a formal gala. But which bracelets should you own this summer and where can you wear them? Read further to discover the top bracelets any woman should wear during the summer. You will also find out which of your summer bracelets you can wear on certain occasions.

Summer bracelets on the beach

If you are going to the beach or the pool, you have a couple of options for your summer bracelets. Keep in mind that it will be hot and chunky pieces may get uncomfortable to wear. Also, mind your tan lines. Some bracelets, especially cuffs, will create a not-so-pretty tan line on your skin, so it’s best to avoid them. Last, but not least, sand, salt and chlorine in the pool can damage some jewelry pieces. This being said, here are some bracelet styles you can wear on the beach or to the pool:

  • A thin gold bangle looks great in the summer and it’s pretty comfortable to wear. Be careful, though, not to scratch it, and leave it somewhere safe when you enter the water.
  • A beaded wooden bracelet is also a great choice because it will not get very hot in the sun. Choose a thin piece and not a chunky one and make sure you don’t enter the water wearing it.
  • A gold chain bracelet is also a great choice, but it has to be thin and you have to take care of it. Again, don’t enter the water wearing your bracelet and make sure to put on sunscreen before you put on the bracelet.
  • A thin textile friendship bracelet is the most comfortable option. As long as it’s well fastened you can enter the water with it. It will be very comfortable to wear and, since it’s textile, it will also be less fragile than other summer bracelets.

Summer bracelets to a cocktail party or a night out

When it comes to parties, there is no other season better for dancing and having fun than the summer. Whether you are invited to a cocktail party or are planning a night out with your friends, you will still need your summer bracelets. And here are some ideas of bracelets you could wear to such events:

  • A turquoise cuff is an excellent summer accessory. It resembles the color of the sea, it looks gorgeous and it offers your look a fun and elegant note. You can wear your turquoise bracelet along with thin gold bangles or by itself.
  • A charm bracelet with navy-themed charms. There’s no better way to remind everybody of summer fun than to wear a bracelet with charms related to the navy theme. The charms dangle beautifully and offer your look a playful touch.
  • A pretty tassel bracelet. Tassels are fun and this summer they are a big trend. Whether you choose a chain bracelet with tassels or a bangle, it’s up to you. But the tassel bracelet is really cool and it will attract all the attention.
  • A beaded gemstone bracelet. If you want to go for more elegant options, you could try a beaded gemstone bracelet. A great idea is to combine aquamarines with moonstone and topaz. A moonstone bracelet is elegant and mysterious, while the aquamarine resembles the calm sea. The topaz is a great symbol of the sun.

Summer bracelets to wear to a formal event

summer bracelets

If you are going to a formal gala or another similar event, there are a couple of bracelets you could wear.

  • A tennis bracelet with diamonds or clear crystals is a great option for formal events and it looks amazing with any outfit.
  • A diamond cuff also looks gorgeous and, while this isn’t exactly a summer accessory, it perfectly matches strapless dresses and other similar outfits.

Summer bracelets to wear to work

The workplace is a more formal environment, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fun jewelry. Some jobs require a more formal outfit than others, but here are some summer bracelets suitable for any work environment:

  • A rose gold bangle is great whether you work in a bank, in an advertising agency or in a kindergarten. It is elegant but subtle and its gorgeous color is perfectly suited for summer.
  • A beaded tourmaline bracelet is creative and elegant. It has a subtle yet pretty color and it looks great with any outfit.
  • A white gold chain bracelet with lapis lazuli is a gorgeous summer accessory and it can be “serious” enough to wear to your workplace.

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