Chain bracelets are versatile, elegant and delicate. All the women love them which is why we have a proposal for you – this year, offer chain bracelets for Christmas. Of course, you can also offer them for birthdays and other important events. But, in case you don’t know which presents to buy, we have selected 4 bracelet styles for every important woman in your life. That includes you as well because when you see these different types of bracelets you will want a present for yourself. So read further to discover our top picks for chain bracelets and whom should you offer them to.

Why chain bracelets?

Before focusing on the “what”, let’s talk a little bit about the “why”. Why should you buy chain bracelets? Well, first of all, scarves and gloves aren’t the most inspired Christmas presents. Secondly, women love jewelry. And last, but not least, chain bracelets are the most versatile jewelry types. With earrings, you can go wrong, as some women may prefer dangle earrings over studs. Necklaces are also nice, but it is possible to get a style that doesn’t match the personal style of the wearer. And last, rings have romantic nuances and, thus, they may not be appropriate for your work colleague, for example. Chian bracelets, on the other hand, are universal. Regardless of a woman’s style, she will definitely wear a chain bracelet. So let’s see which Ana Luisa chain bracelets are ideal for the women in your life.

Tessa friendship bracelet for your sister/bestie

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Ana Luisa’s Tessa friendship bracelet has a beautiful woven design. It features a delicate gold chain and a cloth thread that adds a splash of color to it. We know you are used to friendship bracelets being only cloth, but this is the next level. Chain bracelets that also double as friendship styles are beautiful and thoughtful presents for your best friend or sister.

The only question that remains is which one to choose. At Ana Luisa, you can find the Tessa friendship bracelet in three beautiful colors – green, navy blue and pink. Regardless of the color you choose, you will get a high-quality unique gift for your best friend or sister.

Elina stacking bracelet for your mom

When it comes to chain bracelets, mothers prefer more compact styles. This is why we believe the Elina stacking bracelet is great for your mom as it has an elegant design and a polished look. It is also adjustable and designed to fit any wrist size. The chain pattern is sturdy and will look wonderful with your mom’s pearl earrings.

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Another great thing about this bracelet is that it looks great with both formal and casual outfits. Your mother can wear it with her comfy Christmas jumper, but also with her elegant New Year’s gown. Make sure you get it as soon as possible, though, because this is a limited-edition design.

Emma charm bracelet for your work colleague

Secret Santa at work is great, but also stressful. If you don’t know which present to get for your work colleague, we can help you out. As we said, chain bracelets make for great gifts, and your colleague will appreciate it a lot.

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The Emma charm bracelet, in particular, is a great idea because it has a delicate design and it features gemstone charms. You can get your colleague this chain bracelet with onyx charms as people believe onyx has protective properties.  You also have the option to get it with hematite charms, a gemstone that is said to relieve stress. No matter which one you choose, your colleague will appreciate this gift and you will score points for the most inspired Secret Santa present.

The Virginia layered bracelet for you

Yes, when you buy chain bracelets for the women in your life, don’t forget about the most important person – you. And because we know you love trying out new trends, we have the perfect suggestion. Ana Luisa’s Virginia layered bracelet is the perfect present for yourself. It has a festive feel and an intricate design that looks simply gorgeous.

You can wear it to the Christmas dinner with your family and also on that amazing party you plan to attend on New Year’s Eve. The Virginia layered bracelet is chic, classy and brings attention to your outfit.

These are our suggestions for the perfect chain bracelets to get this year. If you want more present ideas, styling advice or to discover how to maintain your jewelry, check out our other articles as well. To get unique chain bracelets, as well as other beautiful designer jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. You will discover limited-edition creations which you cannot find elsewhere.

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