No jewelry piece is as personal as a charm bracelet. It is a meaningful personalized jewelry piece that can be adjustable as your taste changes. Charm bracelets are not just for little kids and middle schoolers anymore. Jewelry designers have brought out modern charms and chains that are fit for any stylish woman today. There is a lot of variety to choose from when buying different types of bracelets, so what are you waiting for? Get to exploring new charm bracelet ideas with us.

Which Do You Prefer: Italian Style or European Beaded?

The classic charm bracelet design is a metal chain with charms hooked unto it. This isn’t the only option out there, though. The Italian style charms and the European style of bead charms are pretty options too.

An Italian style charm bracelet consists of square links which can be added and removed. The charms, in this case, are the square links with a design on them. This bracelet style is somewhat similar to a tennis bracelet but then with square charms instead of diamonds. This is the more minimalist and sleek option.

The European style charm bracelet refers to the charms that string along a chain like beads on an abacus. This design gives you more options in the shape of charms compared to the Italian style. Similar to the Italian style, a European style bracelet reduces the jingle caused by charms with every movement. At the same time, this style still lets the wearer add charms that dangle.

Classic Precious Metals or Leather?

Traditionally, charm bracelets feature a gold or silver chain. We love the classic look of a metal charm bracelet. Silver bracelets are eye-catching and serve as a great canvas for semi-precious stones and colorful charms. Yellow gold charm bracelets are elegant and work especially well with gold charms. A rose gold chain is romantic. We love how it compliments feminine aesthetics. Rose gold chains also color well with charms of other metals. This is our favorite option when you want to mix metals in your charm bracelet.

If metals aren’t your cup of tea, then look for a leather charm bracelet. Leather bracelets completely step away from the delicate aesthetic of the more traditional precious metal chains. Leather has more edge and feels more casual, too.

Don’t think that a leather bracelet limits your choices in charms. You can still shop for charms with clasps or for the bead-style charms, depending on the design of your bracelet. Also, leather bracelets are easier to incorporate when you want to layer your bracelets.

Creating a Pattern in Your Charm Bracelet

The stars of your charm bracelet should still be the charms itself. This is where your personal style and memorable moments take center stage. We love seeing personalized charm bracelets that look like a designer put together the charms. Here are a few ideas on how to create that effect.

All Solid Gold

A charm bracelet that is all solid gold is classy. A yellow gold chain and all gold charms is nothing like the bracelets that young girls wear. No, this bracelet is worn by a strong woman that won’t take any of nonsense. She knows how to make bread and is proud to flaunt it.

You can make a statement by adding one charm that is much larger than the other charms. Variety in charm size creates depth in the bracelet. Also, since all the pieces are gold, you can add any shape that you want. The charms will still look like they belong together.

A Craftsman’s Charms

Another way to create cohesion in your charm is by choosing a single design method. By design method, we mean a display of craftsmanship in the form of enameled charms, purposeful oxidized silver, engravings or shaped semi-precious stones. We mean any method of jewelry treatment that is present in each charm.

By having this subtle common element, you can still have a lot of freedom in charm designs and colors. The overall look will still seem like part of the same collection.

One Common Gemstone

Another way to create uniformity in the charms is to include the same gemstone in each charm. The gemstone does not have to be prominent. What’s important is that the gemstone is present in each charm, no matter how tiny it is.

types of bracelets

For this style option, we like cubic zirconia because it is clear. We can also envision the charms with a subtle colored semi-precious stone like amber.

Are you inspired by our charm bracelets ideas? Are you itching to find more charms to add to your collection or want to start on a new one? Us too! That’s the best part about charm bracelets, you never have to stop. For more bracelet inspiration, keep reading through our articles.

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