Most of the producers today are still using the old-fashioned way of manufacturing products, not taking into account if they create earth friendly products or not. While this may be the fastest and cheapest method of manufacturing, it is not beneficial for our future. Most of the washing, cooking, entertainment appliances, not to mention the cleaning products, contain highly pollutant chemicals. These chemicals damage more than the air in our home. By switching to earth friendly products and understanding why sustainability is important, you can improve the air quality you breathe. And you also improve the environment outside your home.

What are Earth Friendly Products?

The earth friendly products are not harmful to the environment, during manufacturing, the use, and disposal of the product. One of the largest contributors to both water and land pollution is plastic, which you can see today almost everywhere. What happens with the plastic when it served its purpose? It is thrown away. Did you know that in 2016 the total production of plastics totaled about 335 million metric tons? And that every year Americans purchase around 50 billion water bottles?

But did you know that only 27 percent of plastic bottles are being recycled? This means that in the US 36.5 billion bottles get into landfills or make their way into the oceans. What is worse is that plastic does not degrade unlike earth friendly products and can last between 500 and 5000 years. Instead, plastic disintegrates into microscopic particles that can make their way into your body. According to a study done by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the US revealed that around 93% of all people have BPA in their body, which is a harmful chemical present in products made of plastic.

Earth Friendly Product Requirements

Using earth friendly products will help greatly to reduce the pollution in the world, leading to fighting back climate change. But what does a product need to have to be eco-friendly?

The main requirement for this type of product is to keep safe the environment, including humans. First of all the earth friendly products need to be non-toxins and use sustainable ingredients, including organic materials and ingredients. This way the ecosystem is not harmed in any way.

Recycled materials are also used for creating earth friendly products. This includes wood, glass, metal, and even recycled plastic waste products. In recent years more and more companies use waste materials, repurposing them to create a vast amount of this, from household appliances to furniture and even houses.

The benefits of using earth friendly products

There are countless benefits to using this type of earth friendly products in your daily life. First of all using earth friendly products will reduce the pollution footprint of your home. You will not have to worry about the dangers that come from chemicals within standard household products. Most chemicals can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and in time this can cause irreparable damage to your health. Studies have shown that using a cleaning spray, one time every week, will greatly increase the change of developing asthma, the most common chronic illness which results from allergen and chemical exposure.

If you will read the labels of all the cleaning products in your home, you will see just how vast the list goes. Today, there are more than 17,000 petrochemicals designed especially for home use, but less than 30% of them have been tested for the effects they may have on the human body and the environment. As the compositions become more and more complex, we know less and less about their effects. However, one thing is certain: if you breathe these chemicals every day, you can suffer from various health-related issues.

How to find earth friendly products?

Here are a few simple tips that can help you determine if the products you are about to buy is really natural or eco-friendly:

  1. Read the label. The industrialists have been using complex ways of designing their labels so that the customer will not understand what they are buying, just the effects of the products his buying. It is safer to by a product with a label that has a “100 all-natural products” stamp than products with “all-natural”. This could mean that one of the ingredients in the product is all-natural, while all the others are not.
  2. Look for words such as organic, carbon-neutral, and non-toxic.
  3. Other labels you should pay attention to include:
    1. USDA Organic Seal mostly for food but also used in make-up that is organic.
    2. Energy Star for the electronics and appliances that are very energy efficient.
    3. Forest Stewardship Council Logo for wood and paper.
    4. Green Seal used for cleaning products

All of us together can make a change using earth friendly products

earth friendly products

Due to recent events and studies, more and more companies started their journeys in the eco-friend world. Even though this may not seem much, it is actually a very big step. Could you have imagined 20 years ago that in 2020 there would be an electric vehicle rush? Or that traditional companies like Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Mercedes will start developing FULL ELECTRIC vehicles?

Now, if in merely 10 years most of companies will manufacture earth friendly products, Climate Change may become less acute. But you will have to get involved if you want them to invest into new technology. Do you think that all the companies in the motor-industry would have invested in electric cars if people wouldn’t have demanded them? The same principle applies here. The change comes from every one of us.

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