Fair trade jewelry makes the world a better place. But before we explain to you how, let’s take a moment to understand more about fair trade. If you are curious to find out how your lifestyle choices can help our Planet, keep on reading. In this article, you will discover why sustainability is important and how fair trade jewelry can help you live a more sustainable life. Let’s get going.

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What is fair trade?

It will surprise you to find out that the fair trade movement is not a recent one. In fact, it began in the 1950s when people became aware of the fact that local farmers and artisans were struggling to cover the costs of production. To help these farmers and artisans, travelers would buy their products and sell them at higher prices back in their native countries. Then they would return to the farmers and artisans and offer them the profits. Today, things have changed and the process is more streamlined.

One of the best examples of how fair trade is successfully applied are coffee companies. More and more coffee brands have started to adopt the fair trade principles. This means that when buying coffee from developing countries, they are offering a fair price as opposed to buying it for a quarter of its real worth.

Of course, the concept of fair trade has developed more and more and now it includes more meanings. Buying from a company that doesn’t use underpaid labor is also a way of ensuring fair trade, even if the products cost a little more than what you are used to. In the same way, a company that donates part of its profits to NGOs can also be fair trade. Of course, only if it respects the principle of buying the prime materials for their products at a fair price.

Why fair trade jewelry is good for you

Not only jewelry but also clothes, food, furniture, etc. Buying fair trade products helps make this world a better place for everybody. When you are buying a handcrafted bracelet, whether you are getting it directly from the local artisan or from the fair trade company that imported it, you are helping somebody make a living. You are helping them provide education to their children. In other words, through fair trade jewelry, you are helping these people live their lives as free human beings. Curious to find out more? Then keep on reading.

  1. Buying and giving at the same time

When you buy fair trade jewelry, you are giving more than money in return. You are offering somebody the chance to better healthcare or education. Moreover, fair trade jewelry also comes with the great benefit of helping individuals in need. For example, Ana Luisa is donating part of the profits for some of its jewelry pieces to the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

Isn’t it beautiful to be able to enjoy a unique fair trade jewelry piece and know that you are helping make this world a better place?

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  1. Putting an end to child labor through fair trade jewelry

Fair trade jewelry does not use child labor or underpaid workers. It sets high ethical standards. So, when you are buying fair trade jewelry, you are making sure that people get paid fairly. Just like you are being paid according to your experience and knowledge. Companies that sell this jewelry value human being above everything else and they make sure the employees and collaborators have access to all the resources they need. To make sure that all the ethical principles get respected, Ana Luisa is using in-house plating for all its gold-dipped jewelry.

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  1. Unique jewelry as opposed to mass-produces pieces

Creating a jewelry piece involves talent, attention to detail, and creativity. Mass-produced jewelry uses none of that and, as a result, all of the pieces look the same. To avoid wearing the same pieces are everybody else, buy fair trade jewelry.

At Ana Luisa you will find unique designs and, since each jewelry piece is handcrafted, there will not be any two pieces alike even if they have the same design.

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  1. Fair trade jewelry is more sustainable

Another interesting fact that you need to know about fair trade jewelry is that it promotes sustainability. The carbon footprint from producing fair trade jewelry is low and the materials are high quality without coming at the expense of the Earth.

Ana Luisa uses only recycled gold and silver for jewelry. This way, we avoid the industry of gold mining which is very harmful to our Planet. We simply breathe new life into old pieces and offer gold and silver a chance to shine in a contemporary design. Moreover, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint and make sure that you get beautiful, unique jewelry that doesn’t hurt the environment.

When it comes to diamonds, we use lab-grown diamonds as opposed to mined ones. This way, we can avoid creating conflict in developing countries and offer you perfectly traceable diamond jewelry.

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Fair trade jewelry, just like fair trade apparel, food, and furniture helps make this world a better place. And guess what? You too can become a hero simply through your lifestyle choices. That’s all it takes. If you want to check out our beautiful ethical jewelry collections, we invite you to visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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