If you are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, the eco friendly packaging is where you should start. Buying sustainable products is not enough. How those products get delivered to you matters as well. A plastic container, for example, needs hundreds of years to break down in the environment. Glass takes even more than that, while paper if it’s not green, means cutting down entire forests. If you want to learn why sustainability is important and what is an eco friendly packaging, read on. We have prepared an interesting article for you that will help your efforts in protecting our Planet.

What are the conditions for an eco friendly packaging?

The eco friendly packaging is the same as the green, sustainable or environmentally-friendly packaging. Regardless of which of these names it has, the conditions are the same. For packaging to be considered eco-friendly or sustainable, certain conditions need to be met.

Firstly, the eco friendly packaging needs to be recyclable or reusable. A glass bottle, for example, meets the green criteria. A plastic box does not. If the packaging is not recyclable or reusable, it should be biodegradable. Let’s take straws, for example. Plastic straws are definitely not earth-friendly products. However, rice straws are biodegradable and even though they are not recyclable, they are still earth-friendly. Also, an eco friendly packaging needs to be non-toxic, manufactured through low-impact means or made of recycled materials.

How does the eco friendly packaging benefit the environment?

A packaging that takes impact into consideration is extremely beneficial to the environment. For example, let’s think about the glass bottle. You can reuse this type of packaging many times. In fact, glass lasts for hundreds of years if you don’t break it. But in order to produce glass, one needs to collect silica, otherwise known as sand. The world is already suffering from a sand shortage, as you may know. If that glass bottle reaches a collecting center, its lifespan renews. Every time somebody uses that glass bottle, the world’s resources of sand are protected.

Of course, this is only an example. When it comes to paper and cardboard boxes, the packaging is crucial to the environment. Instead of cutting down trees to create new packaging, some environmentally-conscious companies choose to use recycled paper. Each time a company uses recycled materials instead of natural resources, the Planet’s trees are safer.

And, also, there is the matter of disposing of the packaging. A plastic box is very harmful to the environment. It takes hundreds of years to decompose of you bury it and it emits carbon is you burn it. Even though we need it at the moment, plastic is very harmful. And while we may not be able to replace plastic in some sectors, we can definitely replace it when it comes to the packaging.

As you can see, the eco friendly packaging is very important. On one hand, it helps protect the Earth’s resources while on the other it helps reduce carbon emissions.

What types of materials for packaging are eco-friendly?

First of all, there are the recycled cardboard and wrapping sheets. If your jewelry pieces or clothes come in packaging made of recycled cardboard, then you have just bought from an eco-friendly company.

It may surprise you to find out, but a plastic packaging that uses recycled plastic is also earth-friendly. This way, no new plastic gets created and the old one doesn’t end up in the seas or landfills.

Another type of green packaging is the earth-friendly fillers. Do you know that bubble wrap that you like to pop? That’s hazardous to the environment. But instead of using bubble wrap, you can simply use biodegradable packing peanuts. When it comes to earth-friendly products, there is a lot of creativity in this field.

Organic materials are also types of eco friendly packaging. Whether the packaging uses seaweed, corn-starch, mushroom or organic fabrics like hemp and tapioca, it doesn’t matter. All of these are earth-friendly alternatives.

Sustainably fashion by Ana Luisa

The reason why we decided to talk about eco friendly packaging is that we believe in sustainable fashion. We strive to offer our clients alternatives that don’t have a negative impact on the environment. At Ana Luisa, we use 100% recycled gold and sterling silver for our jewelry because we are aware that our Planet’s resources are limited.

Moreover, we use clean, lab-grown diamonds. Mining for diamonds scars the Earth and it also creates conflict zones. To avoid having a negative impact on the environment or certain communities, our diamonds are lab-grown. They have the same qualities as mined diamonds, but they have the big advantage of being earth-friendly.

celestial jewelry

For our gold-dipped jewelry, all the plating is done in-house. This way, we can uphold our ethical standards and we know exactly who worked on each jewelry piece.

And, of course, we offer eco-friendly packaging for all our products. We are always happy to explain to our clients the importance of living a sustainable life. We believe that our choices should take into consideration the impact on the environment. And while some negative impact is unavoidable, we strongly believe that we can limit that impact. Choose slow fashion products, wear ethical jewelry, drive eco-friendly cars and always make sure to buy products wrapped in eco friendly packaging.

Visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our sustainable jewelry collection to see how beautiful ethical jewelry can be.

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