More and more people want to get eco friendly gifts for loved ones this Christmas. We believe that offering a beautiful present that doesn’t negatively impact the environment is a wonderful idea. This is why we have decided to help you discover where to get eco friendly gifts. Read on to find out why sustainability is important and how to buy presents that are eco-friendly.

What are eco friendly gifts?

Just like the name suggests, eco friendly gifts are items that you can offer as presents and they are created with the concepts of sustainability and fair-trade in mind. This doesn’t mean that you have to offer your mother a set of pasta straws for X-mas, for example. Or that, instead of a nice jewelry piece or a warm jumper you should offer to your wife a recycling bin as a present. You can still buy and offer nice things, but these things can also be eco-friendly.

For example, you can buy a tee made of organic cotton. Or a beautiful jewelry piece made of recycled gold. You get the idea. When buying a present for a dear one, take a moment to check where and how it was made. By supporting an eco-friendly industry, you are supporting your own future and also get a classy present in return.

Eco friendly jewelry for X-mas

A great idea is to buy jewelry that is also eco friendly. After all, any woman loves jewelry. In this regard, you should know that Ana Luisa uses 100% recycled gold for all our gold jewelry pieces. You can discover amazing solid gold hoops, classy necklaces, and beautiful rings and bracelets, all created using recycled gold.

Another reason why Ana Luisa’s pieces are great eco friendly gifts is that our plating is done in-house for our gold-dipped pieces. This way we can ensure high ethical standards in the production of our jewelry. Moreover, our diamond jewelry uses lab-grown diamonds. This way, your loved one can enjoy a stunning diamond jewelry piece without worrying about where the diamonds came from.

And speaking of eco friendly gifts and diamond jewelry, we have a gorgeous diamond set that your wife or girlfriend will adore. Of course, you can also buy the pieces separately and offer her a pair of chic diamond studs or a delicate diamond pendant necklace.

If you are looking for more eco friendly gifts and plan on buying jewelry for X-mas, check out our designer collections and choose the best presents for the women in your family.

Eco friendly gifts & garments

If you plan on buying a Christmassy jumper or T-shirt, you can still do it, even if you want to buy eco friendly gifts. Just read the label on the clothing items you plan on buying. Look for bamboo or hemp as these are some of the most sustainable fabrics. Cotton is also great, but only if it’s organic. The conventional manufacturing of cotton is a very chemically intense process that ends up hurting the environment a lot.

Another way you can buy eco friendly gifts for X-mas is to check out the vintage and second-hand shops. Offering somebody a pre-worn jacket, for example, doesn’t seem like a great idea until you see all the beautiful garments that you can find in these shops. Trust us, a vintage leather jacket is ten times more fabulous than a new vinyl one.

To sum it up, when buying eco friendly gifts, read the labels if you are buying clothes. You can also research the brand and see where the garments are produced and what their take on sustainability is.

Eco friendly gift baskets for Christmas

A gift basket is a beautiful present idea. We all have a sweet tooth, like a glass of wine with our dinner or both. You can find plenty of X-mas baskets online to offer, but what about creating your own, all with eco friendly products? After all, if you want to buy eco friendly gifts for X-mas, you should go all in.

The first step is the basket itself. Make sure not to buy a series product, but rather a handmade one from local artisans. It will not only be high-quality but also have a unique and lovely look. Next, think about what you are going to put inside the basket.

Shop for organic products from local producers. Buy organic wine and X-mas cookies, as well as jams, fruits, and other delicious foods. When it comes to wine, make sure to buy vegan wine if the one you are buying the gift for is a vegan. We know what you are thinking now. Is not all wine vegan as it is made of fruits? The answer is no. In fact, most of the wine you can find on the market is not vegan. Yes, the wine is made from grapes but, in order to filter it, animal by-products are often used.

When it comes to eco friendly gifts, you can get even more ideas by doing a little bit of research. What is important to know is that for each present that you want to buy, there is, probably, an eco friendly alternative as well. Do your research and get the best eco friendly gifts for Christmas this year.

If you want to see our sustainable jewelry collections, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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