Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. But what is it, exactly? If you are thinking about fast food vs. slow food, you are not far away from the truth. Slow fashion has recently started as a movement inspired by the slow food movement against fast-food chains that promote a non-sustainable and unhealthy lifestyle. There are many factors to consider when talking about slow fashion. And whether we are discussing clothing or jewelry brands, these factors apply. Curious to find out more? Keep on reading to learn about slow fashion and understand why sustainability is important.

Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

The fast-fashion model emerged 20 years ago. This, generally, refers to big clothing brands that copy runaway trends and, each season, create tons of garments that sell like … burgers.

But there are many problems with these garments. In order to maximize profits while also offering them at a cheap price, clothing brands employ unethical methods. They use underpaid and overworked employees. The materials are low-quality most of the time. The unsold items are burned each season. For example, one of the most known fashion retailers is burning 12 tonnes of unsold clothes each year.

And, of course, there is the matter of durability. Less than 30 years ago, people would buy clothes that would last. We have all raided our grandmas’ wardrobes and found amazing garments that are still in perfect condition. However, fast fashion clothes last less than a season. Sometimes, after the first wash, the clothing item becomes unwearable.

Slow fashion, on the other hand, is the answer to these problems. It promotes buying clothes that are more expensive but also more durable. The slow fashion garments are high-quality and made from sustainable materials. They are locally sourced and produced and the people creating and selling them are paid fairly.

In a nutshell, slow fashion is about slowing down and considering the impact of our fashion choices. We have to think about how our garments impact the environment and certain communities. And, of course, we also have to consider how they impact our budget. Because, make no mistake, buying a new set of clothes each season is more expensive than buying a couple of high-quality garments once or twice a year.

Why should you switch to slow fashion?

We have lived in the consumption era and we have seen the results. Global warming, impoverished communities, conflict zones. Now it is time to slow down and ask ourselves some deeper questions. Where do we want to be years from now? Because it’s clear that we can continue like this.

And while slow fashion doesn’t solve all the important problems, it certainly helps alleviate the most acute ones. It is a natural and conscious lifestyle that prompts us to think about the impact of our choices.

If you value quality over quantity, then this movement is your answer. If you want to live in a sustainable way and do what you can to protect the environment, then you should adopt slow fashion. And last, but not least, if you are concerned about the ethical side of things, then you know what you have to do.

How to shop for garments in an ethical way?

The first step in shopping in an ethical way is to break the impulse buying paradigm. Buy what you need and be aware of where you are buying it from.

When it comes to clothes, pay attention to the materials and see where your tee or jacket was made. Avoid big chains and shop from smaller clothing stores. You can also take a look at second-hand and vintage shops. Also, you need to consider the cycle of a clothing item. You don’t have to throw it as soon as you notice a small tear. See if it can be repaired. If you don’t like a sweater anymore, donate it, but make sure it is in good condition.

With jewelry, you can apply the concept of slow fashion in a similar way that you do with clothes. Avoid big chains and get your jewelry pieces from brands that don’t produce them in series. Make sure to know where the gold and the gemstones come from. As you may be aware, the gold and diamonds mining industries are very harmful to the environment and certain communities. Ideally, you should buy jewelry made of recycled gold and with lab-grown diamonds or diamonds that are perfectly traceable.

Ana Luisa’s sustainability promise

Ever since we started, one year and a half ago, we promised ourselves we would deliver unique jewelry to women. Most of our jewelry pieces are limited-edition because we don’t believe in producing an entire series of jewelry pieces. Our enamel pieces are hand-painted and our jewelry is carefully crafted to ensure the uniqueness of each piece.

We use 100% recycled gold in our jewelry. For our gold dipped pieces, the plating is done in-house to ensure an ethical manufacturing process. Our diamond jewelry uses lab-grown, clean diamonds that are high-quality, brilliant and will last forever.

It’s time for you to switch to slow fashion and inspire other people to have a sustainable lifestyle. If you want to see our ethical jewelry pieces and discover a universe of unique, high-quality jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Continue on our blog to read more about sustainability when it comes to fashion, food, and travel.

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