Silver jewelry takes the scene in 2019. With a sleek look and a polished feel, silver pieces are absolutely fabulous to wear with your cashmere sweaters, velvet dresses, and lacquer boots. Want to know which silver jewelry designs to try? Then get some advice from the best Boston jewelers and read further. In this article, you will discover great inspiration to spruce up your jewelry collection and add a couple of fabulous silver pieces.

Boston jewelers & silver earrings

As you know, earrings come in every possible shape and size. Whether you love big, statement pieces or subtle and feminine designs, you can find the perfect earrings for you. As Boston jewelers have predicted, silver pieces are especially trendy this year. So, without further ado, let’s see which silver earrings you should have in your jewelry collection.

Tia large hoops

Hoops are still fashionable and silver hoop earrings are the hottest pieces at the moment. If you are aiming for a fun, statement look, go big on your earrings. These fab large silver hoops should not miss from your jewelry box. We also feature them in medium size in case oversized hoop earrings are not your style. Go ahead and view our NYC jewelry collection to get these stunning large silver hoops.

Lea hoops

sterling silver earrings

Yes, we are still on the hoops section, but this time they come with a twist. These are not your classic silver hoop earrings, but a reinterpretation of them. Their elegant design and comfortable backing mechanism make them ideal for everyday wear. You can also find them in more sizes on Ana Luisa’s online jewelry shop website, so go ahead and choose the pair that you love.

Kaia link earrings

kaia silver earrings

Moving away from the silver hoops section, Boston jewelers also advise that oversized link pieces are in trend this year. And what better creation to complement your style than Ana Luisa’s polished link dangle earrings? With a linear drop design and a sleek look, these earrings will offer you a cool metallic vibe. Try them out and you are sure to fall in love with them.

Luna stud earrings

silver stud earrings

We covered hoops, dangle earrings so what else is there? Silver studs, of course. Move away from your classic silver studs and try on a beautiful pair of earrings inspired by nature. Ana Luisa’s Luna sterling silver studs are delicate, feminine and offer you a dreamy vibe. Wear them with your hair up to let them shine delicately from your earlobe.

Boston jewelers & silver necklaces

According to the Boston jewelers, silver necklaces are hot in 2019. Whether we are talking about dainty designs, oversized links or even layered necklaces, you need a silver piece to complement your outfit and help you create a sleek look. So let’s see what pieces the Boston jewelers recommend this year.

Nicole layered necklace

necklaces for woman

This delicate and feminine silver layered necklace by Ana Luisa is great to wear every single day. Unlike other layered necklaces that combine multiple pieces and gemstones and create a statement look, this silver necklace is both dainty and subtle. Visit our NYC jewelry collections and get a better look at this fabulous jewelry piece.

Sterling silver ball chain necklace

ball chain necklace

There is another great trend that will only grow bigger in 2019 according to the Boston jewelers: ball chain necklaces. Take advantage of a piece that combines both trends and get Ana Luisa’s sterling silver ball chain necklace. You can wear it on its own or you can attach a delicate pendant to it. Regardless of your choice, this silver chain necklace will look fantastic on you.

Judith silver cross necklace

Remember the time when rebels would wear a cross on a hoop earring and flashy cross necklaces? Well, the trend is back and it looks more gorgeous than ever. Ana Luisa’s Judith silver cross necklace is a sleek piece that you can wear with your favorite leather jacket and boots. It looks gorgeous and gives off a rebellious and polished vibe so go ahead and check it out in our NYC jewelry collection.

Kaia link chain necklace

Those gorgeous link chain earrings that we featured above look amazing with this statement link chain necklace. If you are not too big on sets, you can wear them separately, of course. But, as the Boston jewelers will tell you, an oversized link chain necklace is a must-have piece in 2019. Get the set and get ready to mix and match your way into a fabulous style.

Boston jewelers & bracelets

Whether we are talking about cuffs, bangles or chain bracelets, silver is the metal of 2019, according to the Boston jewelers. Get a clean, elegant look with a silver piece shining delicately from your arm.

Debbie silver chain bracelet

san jose jewelers

Again with the oversized link chains, huh? Yep, that’s right. Boston jewelers want you to sport this trend because it will help you create fabulous looks that will not go unnoticed. This fantastic silver chain bracelet is great to wear on any occasion due to its sleek look and ideal size. Yes, you can wear it to work and you can also match it with a pair of dangle earrings for a formal event.

If you enjoyed reading our Boston jewelers tips regarding silver jewelry, continue on this blog and discover more styling inspiration. If you want to get any of the creations featured in this article and view more unique NYC jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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