Looking for the best New York jewelers in Chicago? Say no more. We have some great news for you. Ana Luisa jewelry brand offers you the best NYC jewelry with unique designs and at fair prices. If you are looking for the charm of New York jewelry stores in Chicago, you have just found it. But don’t take our word for it. Read further to discover what we offer and how we can help you find those stunning creations that nobody else has.

Ana Luisa & New York Jewelers in Chicago

We are not going to bore you with lots of details. Instead, we are going to show you some of your amazing NYC jewelry designs. All you have to know about Ana Luisa is that it is a unique jewelry brand for women. We create women’s jewelry for those of you who want to wear designs that represent them. All of our creations are limited-edition because we want to make sure that you receive a unique jewelry piece, one that speaks about your individual personality and style. Cause your style matters the most to us. So let’s get started and discover a universe of fashion & fine jewelry that you will fall in love with.

New York Jewelry Designers & Earrings for women

Some women believe that the earrings are the most important jewelry pieces. We believe that it all comes down to your style. Whether you are looking for New York jewelers in Chicago that will offer you delicate designs that will become a canvass for your other jewelry or statement designs that will grab attention, Ana Luisa is what you need.

This pair of solid white gold hoops has a very polished feel and will look fantastic when you wear your hair half-up, half-down. Since they are thin, you can also wear a necklace and stack a couple of bangles to create a fun effect.

white gold hoop earrings

Looking for a more minimal pair of earrings? What about a pair of solid rose gold studs? Feminine and elegant, these studs allow you to wear big chunky necklaces or layered designs. If you want to keep it minimal, you can with the help of a thin chain necklace.

rose gold ball stud earrings

Do you love fun statement earrings with unique designs? Then you need to check out our ball drop earrings. Wear your hair up and let the world admire your creative jewelry pieces. Of course, there are more designs that you can find on our website. We are the best New York jewelers in Chicago because each of our jewelry pieces is handcrafted with attention to detail. Go ahead and visit our website to see more earrings for women.

ball drop earrings

New York Jewelry Designers & Necklaces for women

If you’ve visited all the New York jewelers in Chicago but haven’t managed to find the right necklace for you, Ana Luisa has the answers. Our NYC jewelry collections that feature necklaces are designed to match any style.

If you want a metallic oversized link chain with a vibrant twist, check out this collar necklace. It will go great with a solid color shirt and offer you a sleek look.

More on the subtle & delicate side? The best New York jewelers in Chicago don’t have only one design style. For example, this delicate pearl pendant necklace is a feminine and lovely piece that will look fantastic with your pearl earrings.

pearl pendant

And if you love a good statement, go ahead and try a layered necklace. Wear it with a deep V neckline and a confident attitude to get a fabulous look.

december jewelry

New York Jewelry designers & Bracelets for women

Get the best of what New York jewelers in Chicago have to offer by checking out Ana Luisa’s bracelets for women collection. Whether you want a gemstone cuff, a friendship bracelet or a sleek silver chain bracelet, we have it.

bracelets for woman

There are even more designs to check out by visiting our NYC jewelry collection. From solid sterling silver to gold dipped creations you will find the bracelet that you will never want to take off.

Your searches for the best New York jewelers in Chicago have come to an end and you can now explore Ana Luisa’s bracelets for women and fall in love. We are obsessed with jewelry and this is why our bracelets look simply stunning. Nothing else but the best for you.

New York Jewelry designers & Rings for women

Rings can be very creative, as Ana Luisa intends to prove. The best New York jewelers in Chicago offer you an exclusive and unique rings for women collection that will have you saying “my precious” in no time.

If you want a statement gemstone ring, check out our black onyx ring. Sleek, elegant and attention-grabbing, this jewelry piece speaks about a powerful women with an uncompromising style.

onyx jewelry

Looking for a feminine design? Say no more. This delicate woven ring is, practically, lace in gold.

rings for women

And what about a couple of rings to stack? Get classy with our black & white lacquer rings. Get both colors and stack them like a fashion pro.

New Year jewelry

Visit our online jewelry shop to access more exclusive jewelry collections from the best New York jewelers in Chicago. If you want to know more about styling jewelry, get buying guides and discover how to maintain your fine jewelry in perfect condition, continue reading our blog.

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