Buying the right jewelry is more complicated than it seems. According to the Portland jewelers, many women end up buying jewelry pieces that they never get to wear. This also happens with clothes and shoes as we well know. However, this article is about jewelry, so it’s time to find out how to shop for jewelry in a smart way. Read further to discover the most useful buying tips directly from the best Portland jewelers.

Portland jewelers rule no. 1: Your personal style

Each woman has her own unique personal style. This style reflects not only in the jewelry she wears but also in her clothes and the way she does her hair. One of the most important things when buying jewelry, according to the Portland jewelers, is to consider your personal style. If you love minimal pieces and simple clothes, you may not want to buy a pair of fantasy statement earrings. Sure, they may be trendy at the moment, but how will this trend help you if you find yourself unable to wear them or match them to any of your clothes?

Then, again, with new trends, you may also discover pieces that complement your style. If you are unsure about a jewelry piece, think about your clothes and your other jewelry. In the case of earrings, also think about how you like to wear your hair. If you can match this piece to your style, then you should get it. However, if you feel uncomfortable wearing it or have a hard time finding something to match it with, you shouldn’t buy it. This isn’t to say that you should never try new things. On the contrary. According to Portland jewelers, it is always a good idea to stay on top of trends and know what is happening in the jewelry world. Try new pieces, but don’t stray too far from your personal style otherwise, you may end up not wearing them at all.

Portland jewelers rule no. 2: Mix & match

Sets may be a good idea for certain formal occasions or when you want to make a statement, but, in general, Portland jewelers don’t advise you to wear sets. You get more freedom when matching different pieces of jewelry to create a unique look. When buying a jewelry piece, think about the other pieces you will match it with. If you feel that you don’t have enough jewelry to mix and match your new piece, go ahead and buy another one.

For example, a pair of oversized silver hoops will look great with a textured silver bangle. They can also look fantastic with a leather choker so think about all these combinations and see if you need to get anything else.

Portland jewelers rule no. 3: Diversity

Diversity is always a good idea and your jewelry box is no exception. Now, this may seem like contradicting the first buying rule of Portland jewelers, but it’s not. We are, of course, talking about the occasion. Many women make the mistake to buy the same pieces over and over again with slight variations. You can stay within your personal style and also have diversity in your jewelry box.

For example, if love a bold look, you can own a pair of simple large hoops for everyday wear. But this doesn’t mean you should only wear hoops. Statement dangle earrings are also bold while a chunky link chain necklace will definitely spruce up your jewelry box. Try to feature items in your jewelry box for every occasion: casual, work & formal wear.

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Portland jewelers rule no. 4: Stay on top of trends

We talked about how you shouldn’t buy something just because it is trendy at the moment. Now it’s time to talk about those trends. The first rule of Portland jewelers buying tips still applies. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be informed. Checking out the jewelry trends comes with a lot of inspiration and you may discover new pieces that are exactly your style. After all, knowledge is power and, in this case, it means the power of a fabulous personal style.

Portland jewelers rule no. 5: Know your essentials & your fashion jewelry

Essential jewelry pieces should be solid gold, silver or platinum, as the Portland jewelers will tell you. These are pieces that you wear every single day and they need to be resistant. No matter how much you like a pair of wooden earrings, it doesn’t mean that they will be essential pieces for you. Owning a pair of silver studs, a pair of solid gold hoops, as well as a gold chain necklace and a thin silver cuff, is what makes a complete jewelry box.

Your fashion jewelry, on the other hand, is gorgeous jewelry that you don’t wear every day. Since you don’t wear it that often, it can be plated jewelry or made from alternative materials. A great thing about fashion jewelry is that it allows you to try new trends without creating a hole in your wallet. If you get a pair of fashion earrings and decide that you don’t like them, after all, that’s fine. However, if you get a similar design but with diamonds set in platinum, and discover they don’t really match your style that could be a problem.

If you enjoyed discovering useful buying tips from the Portland jewelers, continue on this blog for more jewelry inspiration. To view our unique NYC jewelry collections, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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