Paris jewelry represents an inspiration for any stylish woman who loves to wear beautiful and trendy jewelry. Want to get a peak and find out what the New Year will bring? Then you should read further because we have a couple of new Paris jewelry styles to tell you about. Get your Ana Luisa inspiration and start the new year with impeccable style.

Paris Jewelry & Hoops

Hoops were hot last year and they are even hotter this year. However, if in 2018, gold hoops were the most popular, in 2019 polished and sleek silver hoops emerge as a new and fantastic trend. There’s something about their luscious and elegant look that makes us want to never take them off.

Whether you get a pair of medium-sized silver hoops or go for a more daring option and choose oversized silver hoops, this year your Paris jewelry will be the center of attention. Make sure to match your silver hoop earrings with a dainty silver necklace and a couple of bangles to get a fashionable look. And as silver looks great with rich materials and vibrant colors, such as velvet and deep blue, make sure your wardrobe plays the part.

Paris jewelry & Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces will still be one of the best trends of 2019. When it comes to Paris jewelry and layered necklaces this year, two of our most beloved trends get together. Instead of three or more necklaces bound together, you get to combine two coin necklaces that will look positively fabulous.

For example, the Sonia Moonstone layered set by Ana Luisa features a large sun pendant and a smaller coin pendant with a beautiful moonstone gem in the middle. You can wear this necklace with a deep-V neckline and a pair of moonstone earrings to get an elegant and creative look.

Paris Jewelry & Oversized Chain Jewelry

Dainty necklaces are fantastic but, in 2019, they make room for chain necklaces with oversized links. Yes, Paris jewelry this year focuses a lot on chain pieces that look sleek and trendy at the same time. For example, Ana Luisa’s Kaia link set features a pair of link drop earrings and a fantastic collar necklace with oversized links.


You will get to see a lot of Paris jewelry designs featuring oversized links so it’s time to go on a shopping spree. When it comes to styling this type of jewelry, keep in mind that you need to create a balance. If you are wearing chunky chain jewelry, choose delicate materials like chiffon and cashmere. This way you can draw attention to your jewelry and look feminine and elegant at the same time.

Pairs Jewelry & Coin Necklaces

Coin necklaces were amazing last year and they will still be in fashion in 2019. And what else speaks better Paris jewelry than a Napoleon coin necklace? Check out Ana Luisa’s Paris jewelry collections to discover our new Djoon French Coin Necklace.

With a polished look and a coin pendant with “Republique Française”, this necklace is everything you need to start the new year in style. Wear it with a pair of ball stud earrings and a gold chain bracelet to create a trendy look. If you want to draw attention to your coin necklace, choose a patterned deep-V blouse. We will leave the rest to your imagination and fantastic fashion sense.

Paris Jewelry & Coin Rings

Did you think that the coin trend will only apply to necklaces? Well, think again. In 2019, Paris jewelry designs will feature coin rings as well. Creative and a fashionable alternative to gemstone rings, coin rings offer the sensation of a fabulous vintage vibe.

For example, Ana Luisa’s Napoleon Gold Coin Ring is ideal to wear every single day. Being a fashion statement, it will look great with a think bangle and a dainty necklace. If you want to emphasize your earrings as well, choose a liner drop design to balance the round shape of the ring. Wear your hair up, a pair of tailored trousers and a simple shirt in a neutral color to let your jewelry catch all the attention. Your Paris jewelry this year will shine beautifully and look gorgeous with clothes in muted colors.

Paris Jewelry & Lapis Lazuli

With mysterious gold specks and a vibrant deep blue color, lapis lazuli is a mesmerizing gemstone. If you thought that Paris jewelry trends in 2019 will not feature gemstones, you were wrong. It is true that there will be an emphasizes on all-metal pieces, but some gemstones will become focal points as well. And guess what? 2019 is the year of lapis lazuli.

From beautiful drop earrings or even lapis lazuli hoops to dainty necklaces and elegant rings, you will see this gemstone featured in a lot of designs. Don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions for you. Wear Ana Luisa’s Cleo lapis lazuli hoop earrings with our Nora lapis lazuli ring. If you don’t fancy sets too much, you can combine the earrings with a cocktail ring. You can also wear the Nora ring with a pair of all-metal rose gold studs.

If you enjoyed reading about Paris jewelry trends in 2019, we invite you to read our other articles as well. We publish daily articles with style inspiration, new jewelry trends as well as buying guides. If you want to see Ana Luisa’s unique jewelry collections, visit our online jewelry shop.

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