If you are looking to buy Phoenix jewelry, there are some jewelry basics that you need to know. And because we want to help you make the most of your jewelry shopping experience, we have decided to put together this guide. Read further to find out more about Phoenix jewelry styles and learn the language of jewelry shopping. By the time you finish reading this article, you will be ready to visit our unique NYC jewelry collection and discover the pieces that match your personal style.

Phoenix jewelry shopping guide

Why would you need a shopping guide for jewelry, right? Well, as it turns out, there is a lot of diversity in the jewelry world. These various designs also come with their own names and, sometimes, you can get lost in the world of NYC fine jewelry. But with the help of this guide, you will be able to buy Phoenix jewelry like a pro. So let’s get started.

Phoenix jewelry & earrings

There are a lot of different earrings designs. Thankfully for you, many designs share similar properties which is why there are mainly a couple of names you should remember when buying Phoenix jewelry.

Stud earrings are tiny, versatile and either feature one gemstone or are all-metal. They use a post and a back piece to stay secure on your earlobe.

Hoop earrings are round and can have different backing mechanisms. Whether they are twisted, small, oversized or with gemstones, all hoops share the same property – a round (or oval) form.

As the name suggests it, drop earrings are the ones that hang from your ear. They can be threaders or linear, pearl drop, chandelier, tassel and so on. The designs of drop earrings can be very different and the similarity is that all of them dangle from the earlobe.

There are also cartilage earrings, which you wear on the cartilage of the ear and clusters. The last ones are, usually, big earrings featuring a cluster of gemstones. When buying Phoenix jewelry, you should pay attention to these names as it can be easy to get lost in the big universe of jewelry.

Phoenix jewelry & necklaces

Some women love earrings the most, others like to focus on the necklaces. If you are looking to buy Phoenix jewelry, you should know the main types of necklaces.

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The choker is a short necklace that you wrap around the neck. It can be any material from gold to lace and leather. A choker can also feature a gemstone or some type of pendant.

A collar necklace is similar to the choker, but it rests at the base of your neck. The collar is usually metallic.

One of the most versatile pieces is a chain necklace which can be simple or feature a pendant. By the way, the oversized link chain necklace is very hot this season, in case you are looking to buy trendy Phoenix jewelry.

There are also beaded necklaces which contain beads on a string and lariats. The last ones are usually simple and very long, reaching your button belly area. Last, but not least, a statement necklace is usually a chunky piece that features gemstones and grabs attention. We say usually because a layered necklace is also a statement. But, instead of being chunky, it is composed of a couple of different pendant necklaces with various lengths.

Phoenix jewelry & bracelets

If you want to include a bracelet on your Phoenix jewelry shopping list, then, once again, you need to learn some terms. With bracelets, you don’t have as many styles as with earrings, for example, but there still are a couple of names that define the design of a bracelet.

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A bangle bracelet has a rigid structure and it is usually thin and fits loosely on the wrist. You can simply slip it on or it can have a backing mechanism. Bangle bracelets are usually subtle.

The cuff bracelet, on the other hand, is chunkier than a bangle, but it can still be delicate. It can also feature gemstones and it has a semi-rigid structure.

The classic chain bracelet is, as the name suggests it, a chain made to fit your wrist. Whether thin and delicate or bold with oversized links, that’s up to you. Some special types of chain bracelets include the charm bracelets (that features tiny charms hanging from it) and the friendship bracelet.

If you are looking for creative & bold Phoenix jewelry, you should also know about the anklet. This is a special bracelet that you usually wear on the ankle and it can be very fashionable.

Phoenix jewelry & rings

It will surprise you, but the rings are the most diverse when it comes to Phoenix jewelry. There are no less than 15 different setting and ring styles, but we are not going to name all of them. Instead, with rings, we are going to tell you which two elements you need to check out.

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The setting of the ring is the part that secures the gemstone. There are many types of settings, but some of the most popular ones are the prongs, bezel, and the flush.

The ring style has a lot to do with gemstones. A solitaire ring, for example, is a ring that features a single stone, whether in a bezel or prong setting. Other popular types are the three-stone ring and the halo ring.

That’s about it. If you enjoyed reading about Phoenix jewelry, check out our other articles as well. To view Ana Luisa’s unique NYC jewelry collection, visit our online jewelry shop.

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